Gunamala | Assamese Scripture by Sankardev

Gunamala is a holy text, which was written by Sankardev in Assamese, within a single night as per the request of Koch king Nara Narayan in the year 1552. It contains the short form of Sri Bhagavata Purana with beautiful verses. Though the text is written in a short form, yet it contains all the important incidents happened in the life of Lord Krishna, including his child hood plays, Leelas and the miracles performed by him.

Once when, King Naranarayan had asked his pundits to give a short form of Bhagawat Purana, they were unable to do that work, hence Sankardev took up the sacred work, and as per the wishes of the king, he has completed it in one night.After he has finished the book, it was put in a small wooden box, and the box was carried by the royal elephant, and Sri Shankar Dev was also seated in the elephant. The king had done this good act, in order to give proper recognition to Sri Shankar Dev and to his great work. This book was also translated into Hindi and English, and it was read by lot of spiritual seekers.This book is still regularly read by the followers and devotees of Shankar Dev, and it is considered as one the best ancient Assamese work.

Some of the contents present in the holy book Gunamala are as follows:

Lord Krishna had proved before us that he is the holy avatar of Lord Vishnu, by taking his Vishwaroopa Darshan for a few times in the previous Dwapara Yuga. In his childhood, through his lovely smile and his pleasing look, he attracted everyone, and made the entire universe to surrender at his holy feet. He had given the spiritual pleasure to the Gopikas, in order to show the true bondage between the god and the humans. He also gave us good teachings in the form of Bhagavat Gita. Each and every act performed by Lord Krishna is considered as precious, and he is liked by everyone in the universe.


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