Sankardev | Srimanta Sankardev | Founder of Ekasarana Dharma

Shankardev (1449–1568) was a saint and poet. He was born in Assam. He was well known for his music compositions and performance in dance. He was considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Shri Sankardev has started a new religious movement known as Ekasarana Dharma and also called Neo-Vaishnavite movement for the Assamese people. He […]

Sant Paramananda | Disciple of Sankardev

Sant Paramananda (15th century AD) was born in a lower class community, and he is a disciple of Sankardev. Similar to his guru Sankardev, he is also a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, and he joined with his Guru, and introduced new forms of music and dance forms, and drawn various beautiful paintings of Lord […]