Sant Balai

Sant Balai (16th century AD) was born in Assam in a tribal community. Though he was born in a lower class, he was a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he used to visit the Vishnu temples at his young age itself, and through his self-interest, he began to sing Bhakti songs on Lord Vishnu. He was considered as the chief disciple of Swami Shankar Dev, who was a famous music composer, and he is considered as an amsha of Lord Vishnu.

As per the instructions of his guru Shankar Dev, Sant Balai began to preach the “VISHNU BHAKTI” amongst the people through his melodious songs, and through his devotional lectures.

Sant Balai began to spread the importance of the new religious movement known as Ekasarana Dharma, which was founded by his Guru Shankar Dev, and he has sincerely served his guru, and received appreciation from him.

He also wrote bhakti texts in praise of Lord Vishnu, and his contributions are well appreciated by the people. Along with his Guru Shankardev, he went to many holy places such as Puri, Mathura, Dwaraka and Ayodhya and worshipped the deities.


1. Respect your Guru and serve him faithfully.

2. Master the art of meditation and then you would realize the god in your soul.

3. Sincerely follow the principles of Hindu Dharma.

4. Always be active in your work, and don’t get upset for anything in your life.

5. Bhakti is very essential for all the human beings in the world.

6. Lord Vishnu is the supreme god, and he is the one who controls the entire universe, through his great powers.

7. Surrendering ourselves before the god is the best way to get peace of mind.

8. Don’t insult others either physically or orally.

9. All the creations of the god are wonderful.


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