Let our Each and Every breath chant the Glories of God

Krishna cowherd

Krishna cowherd

Let our each and every breath chant the glories of the god. We are able to breath in this world, due to the courtesy of the god. He allows us to stay in this earth for some time, and makes us to actively do our duties. He helps us to breath and thereby he makes us to live in this world. For that, we have to thank him, and must chant his names and glories in each and every moment of our life.

God gives us food, clothing and shelter to us. He also comforts us like a mother when we are in distress. He gives memory power and good strength to our body, and also helps us to earn something for running our life. Whether we thinks about him or not, he always thinks about us, and also feel pity on us, when we go towards the wrong direction in our life.

As per Yuga Dharma, God cannot stand before us, and tell us the do’s and the don’ts in our life. He has already mentioned about everything in the holy texts, and the ways of leading a noble life. He also took many avatars, and guided us properly. Still he is dwelling in the souls of Saints like Guru Raghavendra and ShirdiSaibaba, and adding sweetness in our lives. He makes the unexpected things to happen in our life, and he gives sudden good changes in our life.

He never ignores us at any point of time, and even if we curse him hardly by using derogatory words, he would never curse us, and make us to realize him at a particular point of time. Similar to our parents, he would bear our mistakes, and would give lot of chances to change our bad behaviour. But even then, if we keep on doing wrong acts, he would punish us by giving troubles and turmoil in our lives.

Lord Krishna in the holy Bhagavat Gita says: “I would be with you, throughout your life, and would protect you like the eyelids protects the eyes. I would give you my guidance and my presence also, but you have to realize me in your heart, and must keep praying me throughout your life. I would never leave you alone, and would come with you in your all walks of life, provided if you show your sincere bhakti on me”.


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