Our Body is Temple



We must consider our body as a temple, and we must have to maintain our physical body in a proper manner.Due to our past births karmas, we are committing sins, and from the outcomes, we are suffering a lot. Since god is dwelling in our soul and also in our body, we must keep our mind and body filled up with purity and perfectness. Our stomach must be filled up only with limited quantity of Satvic vegetarian food, and we should not eat food in a hurry.

Our heart is the Garbagraha (Sanctum) of the temple, and it should be filled up with full of love, affection and sympathy on others. Our head is like the temple tower, and our thoughts must be on spiritual matters only. Our hands are like the pillars of the temple, and with our hands, we have to help others, like serving food to the poor, giving clothes and providing shelter to the orphans and destitute. Our eyes are like the temple lamps, and we must gift vision to the cataract and eyeless patients by helping them, by the way of providing money, and by donating our eyes after our death.

Our blood is like the sacrificial fire of the Yagna performed in the temples, and we must have to donate our blood to the victims in order to save their lives. Our backbones are like the temple trees, and hence we must plant lot of trees in order to improve the climatic condition and to give shelter for the people. Our brain is like the temple holy lamps, and hence we must use our brain only for productive purposes. Our legs are like the temple Urchava idols, and hence we must use our legs to visit lot of holy temples. In general, we must consider our entire body similar to the temple, and similar to the deities, who are showering their grace on their devotees, we must have to properly utilise our body for helping others.

God has created human beings, in order to help one another during difficult times. We must have to daily take bath for at least two times in a day, and must apply the sacred marks on our body. As per the instructions given by the great poet Thiruvalluvar, after his death, his body was kept in an open place, and it was eaten by birds and animals. He had fed the animals and birds even after his death, through his dead body.

Hence let us utilize our body by the way of lighting lamps in the lives of others, and let us pray to the first god, the great Vinayaka, and be blessed.


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