One God Concept in Hinduism

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

I have heard about the sayings of few of the Hindus, who recently got themselves converted into other religions, that, in Hinduism, so many gods and goddess worship exist? And we find it very difficult and getting tired in worshipping all those deities regularly!”

If they really find it difficult in worshipping our innumerable deities, then, instead of converting themselves into other religions, by stating this silly reason for their conversion, they might worship, the one and only Hindu God, Vinayaka himself, and that itself would be equivalent to worshipping all other deities in our Hinduism. Lot of examples can be cited about the existence of Lord Vinayaka, and before 1000 years ago, Lord Vinayaka physically appeared before the great Nambiyandar Nambi, a Shavite scholar, during his young age, and willfully ate the Prasad items offered by him, and these details were found available in some of the stone inscriptions of a Shiva Temple.

Ma Avvaiyar, who lived before 2000 years ago, has got the divine vision of Lord Vinayaka for several times, and she herself has stated her wonderful divine experiences on some of the holy works written by her in Tamil. Even after knowing about the significance of Lord Vinayaka, still if some of the anti-Hindus want to spread fake and false news about Lord Vinayaka, then they have to face dire consequences in future, from the hands of our mighty god Vinayaka.

My sincere request to the people in other religions is, please, leave our poor gods and goddesses, let them do their duty, don’t speak badly about them. If we (Hindus), who would never like to speak badly about other religions, then how come you could speak ill about our wonderful deities, who are showering their grace on everyone, including the non-believers of god!

As per Vinayaka Purana, Lord Vinayaka existed even before the start of the universe. He has also incarnated as the son of Ma Shakti Devi, due to her sincere prayers on him. In fact, Ma Shakti Devi only contains the powers of Lord Vinayaka, since due to her request, Lord Vinayaka has granted sufficient powers to her, and also agreed of becoming her lovely son. Vinayaka is also called as “BRAHMANDA NAYAKA”, a supreme hero of the entire universe.

In the ancient Vinayaka Purana, the Viswaroopa form of Lord Vinayaka is mentioned. Lord Vinayaka contains the entire universe on his stomach, and in his stomach, even his parents, Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati was present. Accepting the head of an elephant is also a divine play performed by Lord Vinayaka, since he was very fond of having the head of an elephant on his body, from his childhood itself. Nobody could kill or harm Lord Vinayaka, including his father Lord Shiva himself! Lord Vinayaka is the ultimate Brahman, and due to his great mercy, all other deities are able to perform their duties efficiently.

Our Hinduism is an ancient religion, and our Sanatana Dharma contains excellent features like patience, bhakti, bravery, education and many more. Even some of the foreigners accept about the existence of Vinayaka, and they are also worshipping him regularly. Hence, instead of embracing other religions, with the reason of stating the “so many god concept” in our Hinduism, let the confused state of people, worship only our Holy Vinayaka, by considering him similar to Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Allah, and let them be blessed.


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