Nothing would come along with us after our death

Nothing would come along with us after our death. According to the sayings of the great saint Sri Pattinathar, even an ear less needle would not accompany along with us after our death.

Though Pattinathar was born in a rich family, due to his spiritual thirst, he left his home and become a Shaivite saint. He also asks us not to get attached with worldly pleasures and to leave all sorts of comforts in our life. He has promoted Shiva Bhakti throughout Tamil Nadu, and remained as a noble saint. But at this present situation of life, everyone gets addicted in earning wealth only, and they didn’t think about the spiritual wealth.

Earning wealth through honest ways is always welcome, but at the same time, our money must be used for spiritual and charitable purposes also. Some of the youngsters used to tell that they are earning money for their future, and according to them money can be spend for noble activities only at their old age. But we didn’t know when we are going to die. Saving wealth alone would not help them during the time of their death but saving good karmas would help them during the time of their death. Of course, their children would get very much benefited with the tremendous wealth, and they would praise their father only for some time, and after that, they would start doing their own activities.

It is good to help others at our young age onwards. But nowadays people are getting scared to donate money to charitable institutions and to the temples, since some of the institutions may misuse the hard earned money of the donors. Instead of donating money in huge sums to the institutions, people can provide food packets to the road side beggars, destitute and also to the social welfare institutions. If they want to donate it in the form of cash or cheque, they can do so, by getting a valid receipt from the institutions. After our death, we cannot take our money along with us, but only our good karmic deeds can be taken along with us, and it would be carried forward in our next birth also. Hence let us donate our money generously, and develop the thirst in spirituality.

We should always memorize the golden proverb in our mind. EVEN AN EAR-LESS NEEDLE WOULD NOT ACCOMPANY ALONG WITH US AFTER OUR DEATH, and must act accordingly.


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