Nothing is Permanent

Nothing is permanent in our life. Our belongings, our parent, wife, children, relatives and our well- wishers are not permanent. Most of the people are not realizing this, and they are accumulating their wealth for several generations. Some people would tell if they die, then nobody would take care of their wife and children. Their question is correct only, but we have to reserve certain portion of our wealth for doing good things also. We can donate for charity, and we can provide food, clothes and also can help in making small shelters to the road side dwellers.

Since we are all living in comfortable houses, we cannot imagine the life of the people who are living in the roads. The couples would find very difficult to share their feelings with one another, and they could not eat properly also, due to the pollution prevailing in the surroundings.

As per the details published in one Magazine, one lady was telling to the reporter, that in order to give birth to a child, both she and her husband suffered a lot, and she felt very much ashamed for their situation. She also wept, and the reporter also consoled her. If we help those people by building low budget homes for them, then their blessings would act as a protective shield for us, and we would live our life peacefully.

As per the sayings of Lord Krishna, “Nothing is permanent in this world. Whatever thing you belong currently, would be belonged to some other in the future, and it is a continuous process. Don’t concentrate your attention only on earning money, since at the time of your death nothing would come along with you. Hence allocate some time to worship me, praise me, realize me in your heart, and keep meditating on me then for ever you would be blessed by me, even in your subsequent births”.

But even though we are studying all these nice things, we are not having the interest to put these things into action. We are postponing all the good activities in our life to our old age. But we don’t know when we would die. At any time, we can die. Hence we must try to do noble activities from our young age onwards. All the religions preach only good things to us, and they are particularly insisting us to donate food to the living beings in the earth, like animals, birds, insects and humans. If we help in filling up the stomach of a person, it is considered equivalent to performing a ritual yagna, and all the divine demigods would be pleased, and shower their blessings on us.


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