Neemach Mata, Goddess of Maharana clan

Shri Neemach Mata Ji is the Clan Goddess of Royal Family of Maharana of Rajasthan. Temple of Shri Neemach Mata is an eminent temple of Uaipur, Rajasthan state of India. Devotees have firm faith in goddess Shri Neemach Mata Ji and the deity is supposed to be a very powerful, that is why devotees in a great number worship daily.

As the temple is on the hill, near Fateh Sagar Lake, so the place is visited by the tourists too for spending some peaceful time in the lap of Nature and enjoying natural beauty as well.

Shri Neemach Mata is clan goddess of royal family of Maharana. Although deity is worshipped by all sects of Hindu, yet Rajputs have deep reverence and devotion for Shri Nimacha Mata Ji. Dokot Khandhan, belonging to Bhatnagar, also have total dedication for the deity. They also believe goddess Shri Nimacha Mata to be their clan goddess. They perform special worship on Haryali Amavasya every year and offer their prayer.

Shri Nimacha Mata also widely called as Ammba Ji by its devotees and visitors find stone idols of Shri Nimacha Mata Ji and idol of Lord Ganesha. Three lions whose face is toward west are also there to attract you. There is a Havan Kund which is used for Yajna and a circumbulatory path is around the Kund.

The temple is situated on the bank of Fateh Sagar Lake on the hill of Diwali area of Udaipur city in Indian state Rajasthan. Although festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, and so on are celebrated enthusiastically, yet Navaratra of Chaitra as well as Aswina are celebrated with full gusto and fervor.

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