Is It Necessary to worship God?



Is it necessary to worship the God? Why I must have to worship the god? Without worshipping the god, can’t we lead our life properly? Can we consider worship as a waste? If our fate was already written by the god, then is there is any use in worshipping him? Why can’t we do our duty without worshipping him? Even after worshipping him, if I didn’t get any favours from him, then, can I stop worshipping him?

These are the questions which would be raised by most of us, and even some spiritual personalities would think like this, during their difficult times. We can get a proper answer for all these types of questions, by explaining it through an example.

Two persons are friends, and we can name them as Mr.A and Mr.B, while Mr.A is a god fearing person, Mr.B is a non-believer of god, but that doesn’t affect their true friendship, even both of them, travels on a different path. One day ‘A’ came out from a temple, and when his friend ‘B’ met him, he saw a small wound on the leg of ‘A’, and as usual, ‘B’ began to criticise ‘A’ by telling, that due to his temple visit, he has met with the small accident. And immediately, with a joyful smile on his face, ‘B’ began to tell to ‘A’, “See I didn’t went to any temple, but on the road, I got a ten rupee note. But since you went to the temple, you have been met with the small accident”.

‘A’ had given reply to his friend with a pleasing smile, ‘Oh my dear friend ‘B’, since I went to the temple, I didn’t met up with any big accident, but since you didn’t visit the temple, instead of getting a lakh rupee bag on the road, you have just got only Rs.10/-“.

From the above example, we could know about the significance of the god, and about worshipping him. Everyone must keep it on their mind that our worship would never go waste, and either on one day or other day, surely we would get favourable returns out of our worship. We should knew, that god is always good, and he would never become bad. It is our duty to sincerely worship the god, in order to get all sorts of benefits in our life.


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