Navagraha Temples at Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu



4. Tiruvenkaadu Swetharanyeswarar Temple


This temple was worshipped by Budhan and got great powers through the grace of Lord Shiva. Shiva took the fierce form of Aghoramoorthy to kill the demon Maruttuvan. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the name of Swetharanyeswarar in this Temple.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and to the Planet Mercury –Budhan, and it is one of the 9 Navagrahastalams. Tiruvenkadu is considered similar to the holy Benares and is located near Kumbakonam. Nearby Shiva temples include Keezhtirukkattuppalli, Tiruvalampuram, Tiruchaaikaadu and Pallavaneeswaram.


By worshipping this temple and praying to Lord Shiva and Budhan, all of our problems would come to an end, and we will get better prospects in our life. This temple is worshipped by great sages and saints, and the Lord Shiva is showering his grace to his sincere devotees. Thiruvenkadu Temple is surrounded by panchaprakarams. Here the Lord is consecrated in his forms as Aghoramurthi and Nataraja. The Nataraja image holds seven instruments and weapons, namely, Vetalam, Khadgam, Udukku, Mani, Kedayam, Kapalam and Trisulam.

There are three theerthams called as Agni Theertham, Surya Theertham and Chandra Theertham which are said to have been created out of the three drops which fell from Lord Shiva’s eyes when he was dancing. The sthala vrikshams are also three in number – Vilvam, Vadaval and Konrai.

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