Navagraha Temples at Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu



2. Thingaloor also called as Chandranar Temple or Kailasanathar Temple


As per legend, Lord Chandra, had married 27 daughters of Lord Daksha, were considered as the divine stars shining in the sky. Since he showed his love and affection only on the Rohini Star, all other wives of Lord chandra, complained to their father, the great Daksha, and due to that he cursed Lord Chandra, to lose all of his powers. In order to regain his powers, Lord Chandra is believed to have worshiped Kailasanathar at this place and got restored with all his powers.


The temple is famous for first feeding of rice to infant children. Problems due to Chandra doshawill be removed by worshipping this temple. Since Chandra is the controller of our minds, by worshipping Lord Shiva and Chandra in this temple, our mind related problems, such as mental tensions, worries, and psychiatric problems will be solved. Hence it is advisable to visit and worship this temple especially during Mondays, and can have the darshan of Shiva and Chandra and can get all the prosperities in our life.

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