Nara-Narayana | Lord Vishnu’s Avatar



Nara Narayana is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Lord’s abode is Badrinath. It is to be noted that Nara-Narayana is a Hindu deity pair. The preserver-Lord Vishnu on earths, the twin-brother incarnation is Nara-Narayana.

The Swaminarayan Temple located in Ahmedabad has the primary deity the twin form of NarNarayan Dev. The Lord Vishnu is known as the preservation of righteousness or dharma. According to the concept of Nara-Narayana, it is to be highly noted that the eternal companion of the Divine Narayana is the human soul Nara.

With Arjuna – the chief hero of the epic – with Nara and Narayana, the Hindu popular epic Mahabharata directly identifies Lord Krishna. In the scripture Bhagavata Purana, the legend of Nara-Narayana is largely mentioned. According to the Hindu religious scholar and pundits, Hindus strongly believes that the pair Lords resides at Badrinath, where the important temple dedicated to this particular Lord stands for the devotees and pilgrims.

It is to be highly noted that in the shrines of the Swaminarayan Faith, the Hindu devotees and pilgrims can find the Nara-Narayana pair for worshipping. It is to be remembered that the followers of Swaminarayan sects strongly believe that an incarnation of Narayana is their founder Swaminarayan.

The etymology related to this lord mention as that Nara on the right and Narayana on the left. This can be witnessed in the shrine dedicated to them at Deogarh, in the state of Uttar Pradesh and belonging to the 5th century. Devotees and pilgrims throng the shrines of this particular Lord on all the auspicious days.

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