Nara-Narayana | Lord Vishnu’s Avatar

Nara Narayana is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Lord’s abode is Badrinath. It is to be noted that Nara-Narayana is a Hindu deity pair. The preserver-Lord Vishnu on earths, the twin-brother incarnation is Nara-Narayana. The Swaminarayan Temple located in Ahmedabad has the primary deity the twin form of NarNarayan Dev. The Lord Vishnu is […]

Story of Nara Narayana

Nara and Narayana are the divine sages containing the features of Lord Vishnu. They have incarnated in order to maintain the dharma in this world and to bless their devotees, and to lead them to the spiritual path. It is believed that, Lord Krishna in his previous birth was born as Narayana and Arjuna in […]

Some facts about Nara-Narayana

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, the name “Nara-Narayana” is derive from the Sanskrit terms and it can be broken into Nara and Narayana. As per the meaning of the language, Nara largely means human and on the other hand Narayana refers to the deity of the same name. According to the Monier-Williams […]

Swaminarayan Jayanti 2014, Birthday of Lord Swaminarayan

Swaminarayan Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Swaminarayan, is celebrated on the ninth day in bright half of Chaitra month (Chaitra Sud Nom). In 2014, Swaminarayan Jayanti date is April 8. Bhagvan Swaminarayan was born on 2 April 1781 in Chhapiya near Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. He was the founder of Swaminarayan Faith (modern Vaishnava Hinduism) […]