Nandini, Consort of Lord Chitragupta

Nandini consort of Chitragupta Bhagvan

Nandini consort of Chitragupta Bhagvan

Nandini is a pious and a chaste female goddess and she is the daughter Lord Manu, one of the mind born sons of Lord Brahma, and she is the consort of Lord Chitragupta. Lord Chitragupta is the divine accountant, and he is working under Lord Yama in the Yama Loka. He used to properly account the karmic deeds of the people living in the earth, and would make correct entries in the Divine Account Book maintained in the Yama Loka. His consort MaNandini used to help his consort towards properly discharging his duties.

She also contains the features of Ma Shakti Devi, and she acts as a dutiful wife to her husband Lord ChitraGupta, and through her powers, she would recheck the accounts written by her husband Lord ChitraGupta, and serves her husband with dedication, sincerity, love and affection.

She also can be seen along with her consort Chitra Gupta in the Chitra Gupta temple situated at Kancheepuram, and in the Annamalai Temple, Thiruvannamalai, she can be seen along with Lord ChitraGupta in a separate shrine. Young married couples used to worship her along with Lord ChitraGupta in order to live a happy and a blessed married life, and she is also worshipped in order to get proper understanding between the couples.

During the performance of ChitraGupta Puja on the auspicious Chitra Pournami day, a picture of Lord ChitraGupta and his consort Ma Nandini must be kept in our puja room, and we must have to chant the Mantra, “OM MA NANDINI DEVI SAMETHA SRI CHITRA GUPTAYA NAMAHA”, in order to get goodness in our lives.

Lord ChitraGupta is considered as an ancient demigod, and he is excellently discharging his duties, and it is not easy to maintain accounts of the karmic deeds of the entire people living in the world. Due to the grace of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, and due to the purity and chastity of his beloved consort Ma Nandini, he is able to do such a very difficult task.

Let us worship the divine couples, Lord ChitraGupta and Ma Nandini, throughout in our life and be blessed.


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