Mind Your Own Business

Mind your own business.This phrase would be mostly used by the youngsters, if they have been given advice by the elders or their grandparents. Mind your own business means telling to someone not to interfere in their personal activities. Nowadays even some small children are telling this phrase to their parents, if they have been enquired by their parents, with regard to their studies.

Some office staffs are also telling to their bosses, if they doubt about their character or about their interaction with others. Due to the fast changing trend, lot of changes are happening in the lives of the people. And also due to the evil influence of Kali Purusha, people are doing lot of mistakes in their regular life. Most of the people are not able to differentiate between good and the bad things, and they are acting on their own. Everyone is considering themselves as one man hero, and not respecting others.

Before several years, while I was working in a company, one lady used to talk to her home by frequently using office telephone. Once I have asked her not to do like that, then, immediately she got angry with me, and said, “MR.HARISHANKAR this is none of your business. Mind your own business”. Then immediately I asked apology to her, and thereafter I stopped telling like that to her. Likewise some people are not hearing the words of others, and even if they have been given any good advises by others, they are simply ignoring that, and looking them like their enemy.

But during the period of Lord Rama, his brothers served as sincere servants to him. Even before opening his mouth, they could understand his necessities and would act in a favourable manner. The service done by Lakshmana to Rama cannot be forgotten by us. Each and every noble character of Ramayana even stood before us, and they are really very pious characters.

Vanaras are considered as monkeys and their mind would be keep changing frequently. But while doing service to Rama, millions and millions of vanaras worked with full of concentration on their mind, and due to that, the Rama Setu Bridge was quickly constructed by them.


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