Mesha Lagna, Aries Ascendant

Mesha Lagna, Aries Ascendant, is the first Lagna or ascendants in Vedic Astrology. Body Characteristics or physical features, Health aspects or any predictions of diseases, Finance / Money / Wealth and Temperament & Personality of Mesha Lagna natives / Aries ascendants are given here…

Aries is a fire and male sign. It is movable in nature. The direction of Aries is East.

The Lord of Lagna is Mars that is the reason Aries lagna makes the native Martial in Spirit.

The Planet Exalted in it is the Sun. The Planet debilitated in Aries is Saturn. Jupiter is the Yogkarak planet for Aries.

Body Characteristics / Physical Features

You may be of middle stature with round eyes which may be slightly copper coloured. you may have a sharp sight. Your face and neck may be long. Your head may be broad at the dimples and narrow at chin.

You may have brown or light dark and curly hair. There may be a mark or scar on the head or temples. You may have well set teeth. You are likely to have prominent veins or marks of wound on your body. your build may be slender. You may generally possess perfect contours. You may have weak knees and nails.

Health Aspects

You may have a hot constitution. You may suffer from diseases pertaining to the head. You are likely to have mental affliction and derangement of brain.

You may have unpleasant sight seeing. You may be occasionally subjected to hot complaints like piles, etc.

You must avoid involving any serious risks. You may have bad nails and marks of wounds on your body.

Finance / Money / Wealth

On the financial side, you will make more money but you will have less control on saving the money. This will result in constant requirement of money. Hence you should develop the habit of savings.

Temperament & Personality

You may be proud, heroic, active, aggressive and always on the move or fond of walking’ You may have a certain amount of independent thinking, reasoning faculty.

You may be ambitious and enterprising. You will be capable and will have the ability to plan. You will not like to be guided by others. You will not be slave to laws of convention or those arbitrarily established.

You will be fond of hot food and vegetables and will eat quickly and sparingly. You will be amorous by disposition and fond of opposite sex. You will be intense when interested and vehement when excited.

You will be quick tempered. You will have your own ideas of right and wrong. You will be strongly bent upon educational pursuits. You will be rather stubborn but often frank.

You will resort to falsehood in speech. You will be afraid of water. You will be fickleminded sometimes. You will have sudden outbursts of temper but will be and sensitive.

You will be courageous. You will need a certain amount of cajolery and sycophancy to raise you to action. You will become a pioneer and be martial in spirit. You will love beauty, art and elegance.

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