Mesha Lagna Predictions 2022-2023 | Aries Ascendant

Mesha Lagna (Aries Ascendant) is the first among 12 Lagnas (Ascendants) in Hindu Astrology. Here are the predictions for Mesha Lagna in 2022-2023 year… Please note that these predictions are based on your Lagna (Ascendant), not on your Moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or Sun sign (Surya Rashi). The predictions given here are generalised ones not […]

Mesha Lagna, Aries Ascendant

Mesha Lagna, Aries Ascendant, is the first Lagna or ascendants in Vedic Astrology. Body Characteristics or physical features, Health aspects or any predictions of diseases, Finance / Money / Wealth and Temperament & Personality of Mesha Lagna natives / Aries ascendants are given here… Aries is a fire and male sign. It is movable in […]