Kuja in Lagna: Mangal in 1st House, Mars Ascendant

The planet Mars is known as Mangal, Angaraka or Kuja in Hindu Vedic Astrology. In Sanskrit, it means ‘the auspicious’, ‘burning coal’ and the ‘fairest one’.

Mars rules over the Aries (Mesha) and Scorpio (Vrischika). The exalted sign of Mars is Capricorn (Makara) and debilitated sign is Cancer (Karka / Karkatakam).

Here are few readings of those natives, whose horoscope has Mars in their first house (Kuja in Lagna)….

When Mars is in 1st house the native will have excellent royal connections. Works related to items of Saturn like iron, Wood, machinery and house building will be beneficial. Even though he will do public service the misfortune of others will fall upon him.

When Mars is negative it will destroy wealth. The period of Mars is for about 13, 15 or 28 years.

If the person does not keep away from evil deeds he will become worthless. When mercury is in 3rd house and House No. 2 is blank sister’s fortune will grow.

When Sun or Moon is in House No. 2, 12 it will damage the father. The dogs of in-laws and company of sadhu’s will be damaging for brothers wealth.

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  1. Sulbha says:

    sun in mesha in 1st house in vedic astrology

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    sun in mesha in first house in vedic astrology

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    scorpio lagnakuja is in 11th house in vedic astrology

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    what is the effect if kuja in lagna in astrology