Meera Bai Jayanti 2016

Meera bai no-watermark

Meera bai no-watermark

Meera Bai Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Meera.

Usually, Meerabai Jayanti is observed on Sharad Purnima (16 October 2016) and in some places it is celebrated on Holi Purnima (23 March 2016).

Meera (Mira Bai), was a 16th century Hindu poet and great devotee of Krishna. She is considered as one of the greatest poets by the North Indian Hindu tradition of Bhakti saints.

According to available records, Meera was a Rajput princess born in about 1500 (likely 1498) in Merta, Rajasthan in northwest India. Her father, Ratan Singh Rathore, was the ruler of a small Rajput kingdom Kurki, district Pali, Rajasathan. Her mother died when Meera was a baby, and she was the only child of her parents. She was educated in music, religion, politics and government.

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