Meerabai Bhajans

Meerabai was a great Krishna Devotee, and she was a Rajput princess who lived during the 16th century AD. She had fell in divine love with Lord Krishna at her childhood itself, and sung lot of songs in praise of him. She considered Lord Krishna as everything for her, and even after her marriage, she was not interested in leading a normal family life, since she considered Lord Krishna as her great Lord.

Meerabai expressed her bhakti in the form of bhajans, and she used to compose songs on her own, and used to sing in praise of Lord Krishna in the temples. She is also believed to be an incarnation of one of the wives of Lord Krishna, during the previous Dwapara Yuga. In the paintings and pictures, She would be depicted as wearing a simple sari, with a lovely smile on her face, used to keep one Tambura on her hand, and would always keep singing about the glories of Lord Krishna.

Meerabai Bhajans are still popular among the Krishna Devotees, and some of the contents present in her songs are as follows:-

My respects to the Supreme Lord Krishna, Who wears peacock-feathers on his head, and he is the one who has done lot of mischievous acts in his childhood.

With his Lotus lips,he plays his wonderful flute and dances with the Gopikas.

He is the one, who had lifted the big Govardhana Mountain just in one finger.

Lord Krishna would give the everlasting spiritual bliss to all those who seek refuge on him.

During the previous Dwapara Yuga, no one was looked beauty, since all of the beauty was present only with Lord Krishna.

Oh! Lord Krishna, I am getting very much satisfied by uttering your names, and by singing songs on you.

I have even forgotten to take food and I didn’t get proper sleep, due to your sweet memories.

Oh! Lord Krishna, through your divine presence, you have filled the entire universe with full of happiness.

Oh! Lord Krishna, though you look in the form of a small child, all the sages including Lord Brahma are falling at your feet, in order to get your blessings.


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