Magha Nakshatram | Makha Birth Star Astrology Predictions

Magha Nakshatra or Makha nakshatram is the 10th nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Hindu astrology. Magha nakhsatram is the one under which great kings and leaders are born. Magha Nakshatram belongs to Simha rashi or Leo zodiac. If you are born in Makha star/ Magha / Magham Nakshatra, your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

Physical Features:

As you are a Leo, you will have a well shaped average sized body with prominent neck and a hairy skin. You look attractive with your long and healthy hair. You are of medium height.


You are straight-forward and honest. You have a positive attitude towards your personal and professional life. You have impressive personality and are very knowledgeable in various issues. You are very enterprising and you respect elders. You are god fearing and soft spoken. You are a social animal and like to have fun with people.

Education and Profession:

You will have many servants and enjoy wealth. Because of your straight-forwardness you will not be successful in material field. You believe the hard work. You will deal your superiors and subordinates in a very cordial and most technical way. Due to that associating ability, you are able to be a link between your administrators and subordinates.

Careers ideally suited for you:

The best suited careers for Magha nakshatra natives are – professional positions in big Multi National Companies, criminal lawyer and related fields, surgeon, corporate, medical and government services. If you try your luck in politics, you may become a good leader.

Family Life:

Most of the Magha born natives will enjoy happy and harmonious family life. You will shoulder some responsibilities, particularly, the burden of your siblings (sisters or brothers). The female natives of Magha may face some hectic situations in their family lives.

Health Problems:

You may suffer from eye related diseases. You are prone to heart attack, Arthritis (back pain), kidney or urinary system related problems, respiratory problems like asthma, epilepsy or cancer.

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  1. madanamohan rao says:

    please send me my astrology my birth is 05.01.1980 at morning 4’o clock my nakshatram is magha rasi is leo

  2. shwetha says:

    i was born on jan -1997 mid -night at 12-45am
    my question is will i be success in my career because i have taken PCMB as my subject ,,.iam poor in mathematics so i am afried that i my loss
    and my family carrier will be good ha
    and i have fallen in love will i be sucessful ,.
    i have a dought that i have a oppertunity or not
    will my life will be good
    and my realationship between me and my life partner will be good
    and will i have a love marrage or a arrange marrage

    • shwetha says:

      my question is this
      will i be success in my career in science PCMB
      my life will be good ha
      will i have a close relation ship between me and my life partner
      will i have a love marrage or arrange marrage
      will my life be good with my life partner
      will my family life will be good or not
      will i have a chance to go for abroad for my future studies or not

      • SUGITH says:

        Dont worry.., with this discription it is not enough to calculate the value of your life, future etc…just send me the birth place, time, address, family members and their birthstars..the place where your house situates and to which direction etc…

  3. kirankumar shivaraj potdar says:

    i was born 26-11-1987 i jst wnt to know about my carrear. i was completed bca last year stil i dnt hve job can i get job in it sector. will life will be good na

  4. sarath says:

    i am sarath,born on june 1974,24 th 10.30 am.why my marriage is so late?

  5. nibin says:

    born on 27-05-1985
    kindly find my suitable profession…now ia am doing business but i am a post graduate and i have a profession
    when ever i was get in to a job i couldnt survive…give me a solution if possible

  6. Name (required) says:


  7. MAYANK SHEEL says:

    my date of birth is 23march1986 at 3pm on Sunday.Which career is suited for me?I want to be an I.P.S officer,is it possible?Please give advice.

  8. Shrinivas says:

    baby boy names simha rashi and makha nakshatra

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    Please send my astrology
    birth date : 06-10-1988
    Simma Rasi
    Magha Natchathiram

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    Free Prediction of future based on makha nakshatra

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    simha rashi 2013 – magham – april 2013 – how is it this month

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    best time to look out for boys in magha star

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    for pubba nakshatra 2013 ttd closing timings of the temple

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    what name to be selected for baby born in magam nakshatra

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    stones related to simha rasi magha nakshatra 2013

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    which side facing house is best for leo magam natchathiram

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    My sons birth star is Makha upanayana dates required in 2013

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    how to know my pada in magha nakshatra

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    the letters for a baby borns in maham natchathiram simha rasi

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    jyotishyam by magha nakshatra date time perfect jyothishyam

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    which letters comes in singh rashi and madha nakshatra

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    27 th may 2013 significance for simha rashi magha nakshatra

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    what are the characteristics of women with Leo moon sign and Magha nakshatra

  256. Shankhin says:

    for makam nakshastra what are the lucky numbers

  257. Giva says:

    which direction facing house is good for magham nakshatra simha rasi

  258. Savir says:

    according to telugu panchangam which face house is suitable for makha nakshtram

  259. Iha says:

    is it a good time for leo magam natchathiram

  260. Pakshi says:

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