Magha Nakshatram | Makha Birth Star Astrology Predictions

Magha Nakshatra or Makha nakshatram is the 10th nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Hindu astrology. Magha nakhsatram is the one under which great kings and leaders are born. Magha Nakshatram belongs to Simha rashi or Leo zodiac. If you are born in Makha star/ Magha / Magham Nakshatra, your horoscope indicates the following personality and characteristics.

Physical Features:

As you are a Leo, you will have a well shaped average sized body with prominent neck and a hairy skin. You look attractive with your long and healthy hair. You are of medium height.


You are straight-forward and honest. You have a positive attitude towards your personal and professional life. You have impressive personality and are very knowledgeable in various issues. You are very enterprising and you respect elders. You are god fearing and soft spoken. You are a social animal and like to have fun with people.

Education and Profession:

You will have many servants and enjoy wealth. Because of your straight-forwardness you will not be successful in material field. You believe the hard work. You will deal your superiors and subordinates in a very cordial and most technical way. Due to that associating ability, you are able to be a link between your administrators and subordinates.

Careers ideally suited for you:

The best suited careers for Magha nakshatra natives are – professional positions in big Multi National Companies, criminal lawyer and related fields, surgeon, corporate, medical and government services. If you try your luck in politics, you may become a good leader.

Family Life:

Most of the Magha born natives will enjoy happy and harmonious family life. You will shoulder some responsibilities, particularly, the burden of your siblings (sisters or brothers). The female natives of Magha may face some hectic situations in their family lives.

Health Problems:

You may suffer from eye related diseases. You are prone to heart attack, Arthritis (back pain), kidney or urinary system related problems, respiratory problems like asthma, epilepsy or cancer.

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