Sant Madan Bhagat

Madan Bhagat (18th century AD) was born in a village in Gujarat, and he belongs to a lower class community. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna, and dedicated his entire life towards worshipping him. He used to take the cattle for grazing in the morning and would return home in the evening. Once he got the rare opportunity of listening to a spiritual discourse of Srimad Bhagavatham performed by a great scholar nearby a Krishna Temple. From then onwards he was addicted with Lord Krishna, and began to chant his names and his glories.

Due to his sincere bhakti, Madan Bhagat got the divine appearance of Lord Krishna for several times in his life. In course of time, with his meager savings and with the farm land left by his father, he began to grow food crops in his field. He also used to visit the Dwarkadish Temple at Gujarat. But since he was considered as an untouchable during his period, he used to stand outside the temple, and would worship Lord Krishna.

Once Lord Krishna had appeared before him in the form of a small boy, and asked him to send vegetables to his temple and disappeared. Madan Bhagat was very happy, and he informed his dream to the temple authorities. But the temple manager didn’t believe his words and chased him away from the temple.Then Lord Krishna appeared in the dream of the temple manager in that night, and asked him to procure vegetables from his beloved devotee Madan. The Manager realized his mistake, went to the home of Madan, fell at his feet, and from then onwards, Madan began to send his vegetables regularly to the Krishna Temple.

In course of time, Madan Bhagat become very old, and hence, he asked his son to discharge the duty of sending vegetables to the Krishna Temple, and shortly he and his pious wife went to a remote place situated nearby his village, ate simple food like greens and vegetables, performed severe penance on Lord Krishna, and after a few years, both of them were attained salvation.


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