Sant Valram | Staunch devotee of Sri Krishna

Sant Valram (17th century AD) was a Gujarati saint, and he was born in a lower class community. His father worked as an assistant to a rich landlord, and the landlord owned lot of house properties, and he let out some of his properties to the tenants for rent. Valram’s father was given the job of collecting rent from the tenants. Young Valram also assisted his father with regard to collection of rent from the tenants. While he was visiting various houses, once he attended a Krishna Puja in the house of a poor person, and from then onwards, he was deeply attached with Lord Krishna.

He began to perform puja to Lord Krishna in a simple manner in his home, and he invited his friends also to participate in the puja. He used to save the money given by his parents, and spent it for performing grand puja during Krishna Jayanti festival day. He bought dolls of Lord Krishna, and used to fondly embrace it with his tiny hands. Every day, he used to offer some butter or snacks to Krishna and asked him to eat. But since there was no response from the end of Lord Krishna, one day, the young boy, began to hit his head on the wall. Blood began to ooze from his head, and he fainted on the floor. After some time, a small boy entered his house, applied ointment on his head, and fondly ate his Prasad, and then he disappeared.

Valram realized that the boy was none other than his beloved Krishna, and joyful tears began to flow from his eyes, and he danced with full of joy, and narrated the incident to his parents also. After the death of his father, Valram sincerely served the Landlord, and continued the work of his father, and also concentrated his attention on “KRISHNA BHAKTI”.

He got married and had children. After attaining old age, Valram went to the holy Vrindavan, began to compose beautiful songs on Lord Krishna, and sung in praise of him. During his lifetime, he had the darshan of Lord Krishna for several times, and after his death, it is believed that he has attained salvation, due to the grace of Lord Krishna.


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