Lord Sri Ram, Ideal Management Guru

lord sri ram

lord sri ram

Lord Sri Ram is known as Maryada Purushottam and the most ideal man on the earth. But, similar to Lord Krishna Lord Sri Ram is also considered as the Management Guru. The ideal characteristics of management in Rama explain the modern management techniques in an elaborated way.

The most preferred five management strategies – credit, motivation, strategy, values and ethics, and vision place him on the most ancient and ideal Management Guru position. On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, here we will discuss the five popular management techniques of Lord Sri Rama.


The primary and most efficient technique in Sri Ram was to encourage and motivate others. Since his childhood he applied this management sutra in his duties. He motivated his friends, colleagues, and people of Ayodhya. With his divine motivation, apes, bears, and even many small living beings helped Rama in the war against Ravana and occupied Lanka. Sri Ram recognized the fighting spirit of each and every living being – from rishis and sages to small animals. This is the reason even a small squirrel helped in building the bridge between Lanka and Rameshwaram (Sri Rama Sethu).

Strategy (Rajaneeti and Rana neeti)

Strategy of Sri Rama was exposed during the Ramayana war. He can alone defeat Ravana but he wanted to make sure that common people should not be afraid of demons. He gave opportunity to every warrior who wants to show his own strength. Maintaining unity among warriors is also another strategy of a good leader. Thus, Lord Ram proved the strategic management in his characteristic.

Credit (Shreyas)

Lord Sri Ram gave the credit of each good work to others. He owned the bad result of others’ mistakes. When he defeated Ravana and won the Lanka, he claimed the victory was of Vasista Maharshi who was his Guru and the vanaras and bhallukas (apes and bears) who fought in the war. He never claimed that he won the war but he declared his army has won the war. Sri Rama thanked each and every soldier and said that they are his most dearest than his brother Bharatha.

By giving the credit of winning the war to his Kulguru Vasista and the army of vanara and bhallukas, he became even much dearest leader to them.

Values & Ethics

The life of Lord Sri Ram was primarily and ultimately based on the values and ethics. Every aspect of birth to Niryana of Sri Rama announces that it has specific reason, value, and ethic interrelated in it – recognizing and fulfilling the wishes of parents, obeying the orders of Gurus (teachers), service to the people, protecting his followers and devotees, etc. He has a great respect to his opponent Ravana. He sent Lakshmana to Ravana for refurbishing his wisdom at the point of his death. Thus, he stands at the peak of height in terms of ethics and values.

Vision (Foresight)

Lord Sri Ram has the great vision and foresight in terms of ruling the people. He knew that to restore peace in the world the rakshasa gana (community of demons) should be destroyed. He ruled the people with harmony and prosperity in the kingdom and marked ‘Ramarajya’ as the Golden Era which the world has ever seen. In his kingdom no one suffered with ill, no one was unhappy, no one felt guilty, and no incident of thefts and injustice.

Lord Sri Ram stated that where people suffer with hunger, illness, and debts, the King and the officials of that kingdom will go to hell.

As per the above glimpsed ideal characteristics, we have to consider Lord Ram as the Most able and ideal Management Guru.

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