Lets Always Chant Sri Rama Mantra

Rama Lakshman Janaki in Exile no-watermark

Rama Lakshman Janaki in Exile no-watermark

Instead of talking about unwanted things, let our mouth always chant the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRI RAM” at least from today onwards, since today (10 April 2022) is supposed to be the “AUSPICIOUS RAMA NAVAMI FESTIVAL DAY”. During Rama Navami festival day, lot of devotees would gather inside the Rama Temples, in order to pay their respects to the Holy Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Chanting of Rama Mantra along with Hanuman Mantra would remove the negative thoughts from our mind, and we would be able to survive in our life, till our death.

Rama Mantra is a powerful mantra which was recited by millions and millions of saints, kings and even by Lord Shiva, since the Mantra gives a pleasing effect to our mind. Hanuman’s powers are becoming increased day by day, due to his continuous recitation of Rama Mantra, day and night, for several lakhs of years. While conversing with others through our mobile phones, instead of saying “HELLO”, we can say the word “SRI RAMA”, so that our telephonic conversation would also go sweetly.

But the habit of reciting Rama’s name should be mixed with our blood, or else, we could not recite it permanently. It is believed that even our Mahatma Gandhi had recited the word, “HEY RAM”, before the time of his death.

Presently I am living in a senior citizen’s home, and in our apartment complex, separate shrine for Lord Rama and Hanuman are also available in Srinivasa Perumal Temple. Visiting Rama temples is considered as very auspicious deed, especially during Rama Navami Festival day, and in most of the temples, butter milk and Jaggery water would be offered to the devotees as Prasad, since these two things would quench the thirst of the devotees in this hot summer.

We can also provide butter milk and water in this hot summer season to the people residing in our area, since removing the thirst of the people is considered to be a very sacred deed, which is also liked by our dear Rama, since during his rule, Rama used to provide lot of beverages to his people, and especially during the summer season, he has provided sufficient quantity of butter milk to his people, and that’s why still butter milk is considered to be one of the holiest Prasad items of Lord Rama.


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