Disciplined Life of Lord Buddha



Our life is always a challenge-able one, and somehow we must have to live our life, in this rough and tough world. But controlling our mind is very difficult, since even some of the great rishis have lost their control in mind, got angry with others, and cursed them. We can take Lord Buddha as the best example, who has observed a strict disciplined life, and maintained patience throughout in his life.

Though he was neglected by some people, and though he was not provided proper food by them, he never got angry with them, but he patiently told to them, that, “YOU ARE LOSING AN OPPORTUNITY TO DO GOOD THINGS IN YOUR LIFE. PLEASE TRY TO CORRECT YOURSELF”. He has expressed his worries, only in a good manner, and he never cursed others. Due to that, he has got great name and fame, and he has got enlightenment, and he was worshipped by millions and millions of his followers.

We must have to run and run in order to reach the desired destination in our life. We must always properly maintain our mental and physical health, by performing exercise, yoga and meditation. Without proper health, we can’t survive in this today’s competitive world. Some people would be having strong body, but their mental strength would be very low. They would get afraid for even small, small things in their life. Even a thin person would be able to defeat a strong person, if the strong person doesn’t have proper mental strength.

Developing the strength in mind is very difficult, since daily we are facing lot of problems in our personal life, as well as in the outside world. We have to adjust ourselves with our family members, and must maintain patience with them. If we go to the offices, we have to politely answer to our superior bosses, when they raise any questions about the work. But we can do anything in our life, by maintaining calm and patience, and must never talk unnecessarily with others.

In general, people who are going to the offices through buses would get the daily problem of getting seats in the buses, since as soon as the bus arrives at the depot, some people would throw their handkerchief and reserve their seats. In such a case, we have to maintain patience, and must not argue with them. Worrying about small, small things in our life would make us to become tensed, and our blood pressure would shoot up. Sometimes, tensed people would get instant heart attacks and collapse.

Let us follow the path of Lord Buddha and lead a simple and a happy life, and let us show our kindness to everyone in this world.


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