Significance of Divine Avatars



Divine avatars are incarnated in this earth for showering their grace on us. Lord Vishnu Avatars Rama and Krishna have taught us how to behave and how to move with others in this tough world. Thinking about them and reading their teachings and their life history would purify our mind, and unwanted thoughts would not appear in our mind.

Lord Buddha and Mahavira taught us about the principles of non-violence and about showing our kindness on the living beings in the earth. Both of them lived a very simple life, and after becoming a saint, they didn’t enjoyed any comforts or luxuries in their life. Lord Buddha didn’t express his anger even to those who insults him. By performing meditation continuously, Buddha and Mahavira had attained salvation.

Lord Buddha had removed the ego of Lord Brahma, by visiting the Brahma Loka. He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and he has stolen the hearts of millions and millions of his followers through his good behaviour, and he is having temples throughout the world and especially lot of Buddha Vihars are found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan and China.

Lord Mahavira had appeared in nude form, and before becoming a holy saint, he has distributed all of his wealth to the poor people. His teachings are considered as very valuable by the people belonging to the Jainism sect, and his temples are scattered all over the world.Similarly Shiva avatars like Hanuman, Veerabhadra and Kala Bhairava gives braveness and good strength to our mind and body. Lot of temples are dedicated to them throughout India.

The great Sangukarna, an incarnation of Lord Brahma, had taken the birth of Prahlada, and shown his entire devotion on Lord Vishnu, and his teachings are also very useful to the devotees of Lord Vishnu. In this Kali Yuga, in order to save his devotees from the clutches of the Kali Purusha, he has again taken birth as Guru Raghavendra, and showering his grace on millions and millions of his devotees, and also helps them to lead a sin free, disease free and a prosperous life.


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