Ahimsa Moorthy Gautama Buddha



Lord Buddha can also be known as “AHIMSA MOORTHY”, since he has strictly followed the principles of non-violence, after he becomes a saint, and he has adopted it throughout his lifetime, and also insisted his disciples and devotees to follow the path of non-violence.Lord Buddha is also known as “TATVA MUNI”, since he is very much interested in delivering nice lectures.

Lord Buddha is also considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu, due to his kind, Soft and gentle nature. Lord Buddha was once honoured by Lord Brahma in his Brahma Loka, since he has clarified some of the doubts of Lord Brahma, and made him to realise that he is also one of the creations of the almighty. Buddha is well known for his calmness, gentleness and for his noble behaviour. Though he lived before several hundreds of years, yet he is still worshipped by the people, due to the love and affection he has shown to the people. He is also known as “SAKYA MUNI”, which means the founder of Buddhism.

Nobody would hate Lord Buddha, since he is a merciful saint, who has even pardoned the mistakes of his disciples, and invoked them in the spiritual path. Once when a mischievous person raised a question to Lord Buddha, that, for how many times he would forgive the mistakes of his disciples and devotees, then the great Buddha smiled at him, and he has answered, “let them commit mistakes even for one million times, I am always there to pardon them, and I would correct their mistakes again and again, until they realise that my wordings are correct”. From this incident, we could knew, that, how the wonderful saint Buddha has wisely answered to the question of the stupid man, and after getting a proper answer from Buddha, the stupid man himself has changed his nature, and thereafter he has become a sincere devotee of Lord Buddha!

Lord Buddha insists others not to cause any harm to any living beings in the earth, including small insects, ants and worms. We might have sometimes seen the activity of the Buddhist monks, who used to carry a big broom stick made out of soft brushes, for gently cleaning their travelling path, in order to protect the small insects from leg crushing. Though the activity seems to be funny for our eyes, but the act must be considered as a very good one, since it shows how the followers of Buddha are respecting the sentiments and beliefs of their Master, Lord Buddha.

According to the famous saying of Lord Buddha, “Even if our body cannot be healed, but our soul can be healed”. This can be obtained by doing good things to others, meditating for getting calmness in our mind, and not doing any harm to others, and to follow the principles of Buddhism.

He lived a saintly life, by taking alms and without enjoying any comforts and luxuries in his life.


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