Life is a Struggle !

Our life is a struggle only, and every day we are getting feared about something or other. When we get up from the bed, then immediately, we would get a fear, that whether we would be able to discharge the day’s work in a proper manner. Life contains full of miseries and sorrows only, and sometimes we may feel that we are in a happy mood, but that would last only for a few minutes, and then again we would get worried even about unnecessary things in our life, like whether we would be living a long life, and whether we would be working in our companies permanently, or not like that.

Some rich people would find it very difficult in saving their money. Some would invest in bank fixed deposits, and with that meager interest amount they would get satisfied for their needs. Whereas some would put their hard earned money in buying plots and flats, and would keep searching for a proper tenant. People investing their money in the stock market, would be making several long term plans, such as conducting marriages for their children, purchase of a car, house property etc.

In case of daily labourers, with their daily income, they would purchase provisions, eat food happily along with their family, happily rejoices their life by sharing that day’s experiences with their neighbours and friends. According to them, “let me struggle daily, and let me get reward for that”.

People working in big companies after tirelessly working for five days in a week, they would want to spend their weekends by visiting sightseeing places and cinema theatres etc. During weekends, even they would consume liquor in order to get relax themselves from their hectic schedule of work.

In case of unemployed people, daily they would get scolding from their parents, from their consorts and children, and due to that, they would almost become mad. Even if they explain their situation, nobody would be ready to understand their problems. Some rich unemployed people would withdraw their bank interest money, and show it to their parents and spouses, as if they have drawn salary from their companies.

Some unemployed youth would try to spend their time in cinema theatres, temples and in parks. Some people would even get involved themselves in the company of bad friends and would develop bad habits like smoking, drinking and consuming of drugs.

In general, for all types of people, whether rich or poor, happy or unhappy, employed or unemployed, the only way to get rid from their problems is to keep on thinking about the almighty, not even leaving a single second in their life. At this present situation, Bhakti is the only medicine for everybody, since it would heal our physical and mental illness, would boost up our energy levels, and would bring good fortunes in our life.

Some people may tell, “I have been praying to the god for several years, and still I am not getting any improvement in my life”. Instead of telling like that, they have to keep on praying to the god, till the end of their life. Whether growing up in their life or not, that doesn’t matter. But regular prayers must be keep on continuing, and definitely on one fine day, good opportunity would knock their door, and Mata Lakshmi Devi would permanently dwell in their hearts, and from then onwards their life would prosper till their death.


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