Leo Love Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi Family Life Predictions

This entire year remain under influence of the Rahu and Ketu while the Saturn will sit in its on zodiac sign Capricorn which is in the house. All these positioning of the planets are not good for love and relationship. They may create problems and issues in your life and you may become uncomfortable.

There are some possibilities that you people may get so offended with your partner that you can start shouting over your partner or speaking loud with your partner. All this may take your love life and relationship to a very bad condition.

Thus, there are possibilities that you may have some bad things in your relationship and love life. In such situation, you need to be very careful as behave in a very controlled way. All these things will be under the influence of the planets. So it would be good to you not to surrender yourself before these situations.

You need to take care of the sentiments of your partner which may get hurt due to your bad behavior. If you need to make efforts to become polite and if you do any unexpected things, you need to make an apology which will definitely make things somewhat easier. There are a number of hindrances to come on way of your love life and relationship so you have to be very carefully.

Magha Nakshatra, Pubba Nakshatram (Purva Falguni Nakshatra) and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra 1st pada are categorized under Simha Rasi or Leo moon sign. Those who born between July 23 and August 23 are the natives of Leo zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

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After sometime, there will also come some such situations when you may become very confident while telling things to your partner, which is also not good sign for your love life and relationship. You need to be practical in life especially in this duration, this will help you make things better in your life.

This is going to offer you good opportunities for romance, if you are single. The planet Jupiter will be very helpful for you. With his blessing, you will get opportunities to meet several people whom you can date with. It will be good for you as this way you can find a good partner for entering in to good relationship. However, you people are of that nature, who seeks true love in their life.

You people are lucky because you have a kind of energy compel people to praise you. But, people like to stay away with that you do want.

Right from the beginning of the year i.e. January 22, Mars will influence your love life and it will make you so courageous that you will be ready to take bold steps. If you like someone and want to talk to him/her so far, in this period, you will feel that you have that power that you can ask anyone to go for outing. So, if you have not taken such step, this time it will be the best time.

You will have the blessing of the Mars, so there are plentiful chances of your success. Married people will also have blessing of Mars, in this time, as they can make efforts to make their relationship better with their partners. At this time, you will also enjoy the romance in your life.

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