Simha Rashi Shani Transit Predictions 2014-2017 | Leo Saturn Transit Results | Chingam Sani Peyarchi

Simha rasi or Chingam rashi is the 5th among 12 Rashi systems in Hindu Astrology and all other Astrology theories. The predictions for Shani Transit (Saturn Transition) from Tula Rashi to Vrischika Rashi (Libra to Scorpio) are given here for the natives of Leo sign or Simha rashi.

On 2 November 2014, Lord Sani moves from Tula Rashi to Vrischika Rashi. Sani Bhagavan entering into 4th house from 3rd house. This period is known as ‘Kantaka Shani’, which is a tough time for Simha rashi natives. This transition may give you bad results in all aspects of life.

In education and studies, students may face some problems due to unavailability of certain things in time. But be aware of your expenses.

Health wise, you will suffer a lot as your health is the major concern for you in this period. The best remedies for this are eating selective food items and find the foods which are allergic to you and avoid them.

Money wise or financially, sometimes you feel that money you get is not enough for you to live like you want to. If you are married, ask your partner and children to avoid unwanted expenses. Also avoid giving unreasonable promises in terms of money to others.

Career-wise, if you are in highly responsible positions, then come out of laziness and postponement attitude. Your laziness may hurt you and your organization very badly. Professionals will get promotion or long-awaited appraisal.

Artists and professional workers who are in creative fields may suffer a bit from criticism. Just concentrate on your work and get go out from these unfavorable situations spontaneously.

Business will start diminishing and businessmen will become frustrated. Profits may go down drastically throughout the period of this Kantaka Shani.

Family relationships will improve a lot and social status will be exceptionally good during Kantaka Shani for Simha rasi natives. Strained relationships will become calm and restore normalcy.

Saturn Transit Phases – Retrograde & Combust phases

Saturn in Vishaka Nakshatra – November 2, 2014 to November 30, 2014

Saturn in Anuradha Nakshatra – November 30, 2014 to March 14, 2015

Saturn Retrograde in Anuradha Nakshatra – March 14, 2015 to August 03, 2015

Saturn in Anuradha Nakshatra – August 3, 2015 to December 27, 2015

Saturn in Jyeshta Nakshatra – December 27, 2015 to March 26, 2016

Saturn Retrograde in Jyeshta Nakshatra – March 26, 2016 to July 11, 2016

Saturn Retrograde in Anuradha Nakshatra – July 11, 2016 to August 14, 2016

Saturn in Anuradha Nakshatra – August 14, 2016 to September 16, 2016

Saturn in Jyeshta Nakshatra – September 16, 2016 to January 26, 2017

Saturn in Moola Nakshatra – January 26, 2017 to April 7, 2017 (Sagittarius sign)

Saturn Retrograde in Moola Nakshatra – April 7, 2017 to June 22, 2017 (Sagittarius sign)

Saturn Retrograde in Jyeshta Nakshatra – June 22, 2017 to August 26, 2017

Saturn in Jyeshta Nakshatra – August 26, 2017 to October 25, 2017


Phase 1 – 21 December 2011 to 18 May 2012:

If you are unmarried, you will get married in this period. You will gain some properties. Interesting and long-lasting job opportunities are on cards for Simha rasi natives. To improve the situations in health and finances, you need to do Surya Namaskara.

Phase 2 – 19 May 2012 to 19 May 2013:

Professionally, it is not a good period. Family issues and financial crisis will hurt you simultaneously. Worship Shani Bhagavan and Lord Shiva on Saturdays and Sundays to get a bit of relief from these adverse situations.

Phase 3 – 20 May 2013 to 21 June 2014:

You will maintain good relationships with your siblings. Luxurious life and long journey or holiday trips are on cards.

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