Leo Love Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi Family Life Predictions

This entire year remain under influence of the Rahu and Ketu while the Saturn will sit in its on zodiac sign Capricorn which is in the house. All these positioning of the planets are not good for love and relationship. They may create problems and issues in your life and you may become uncomfortable. There […]

Leo Health Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi Health Predictions

According to your horoscope, this is going to be neither very good nor very bad. It means, you will go through fluctuations. Sometimes, you may feel good while other time you may have health related issues. If we talk about the health issues, nothing serious is seen. You may sometimes feel weakness due to which […]

Leo Career Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi Job Predictions

The year 2018 is coming with very wonderful opportunities for your career. This year, you will have feeling of satisfaction and disposable profits. There are also possibilities that you are going to enjoy luxurious life. You will be efficient enough to get more and more credential which will help you achieve your goals. You will […]

Leo Finance Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi – Money Predictions

People with Leo zodiac sign are going to have good time for their finances this year. This year, you will have the blessing of planet Mercury. It is the planet which rules your second house. Thus, it is going to create some amazing opportunities for your finances. Mercury’s influence is very important for your finances. […]

Leo Business Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi Business Predictions

This year for businessmen will bring mixed results. On the one hand you will get opportunities to make money on the other hand there are also possibilities that you will have to go through some difficulties in your business. During this year, you will experience that your expenses have increased. There are also strong possibilities […]

Leo Education Horoscope 2018 | Simha Rashi – Studies’ Predictions

If you are some of those who attend school, first half of this year won’t be promising for you. The reason behind this is distraction which is one of the biggest hurdles for the students. It is also in your horoscopes that you will also have some programs that may divert your attention your studies. […]