Lord Krishna as a Humble Cowherd

Krishna cowherd

Krishna cowherd

Lord Krishna though he was the supreme avatar of Lord Vishnu, acted as a humble cowherd. In his young age, he grazed the cows along with his brother Balarama and with other cowherd boys in an excellent manner. He used to move affectionately with the cows, and whenever they didn’t hear his words, he didn’t beat them, but instead of that, he used to play flute, and after hearing the divine music from the flute, the cows would obey his orders and would move with him affectionately. God has directly taken birth in the form of Krishna, and due to his good qualities, he is still worshipped by several millions of his devotees, as their beloved deity.

During his period, he never fought with any kings, and he didn’t wish to expand his kingdom also. He maintained cordial relationship with everybody including his servants, and would politely point out their small, small mistakes. Once when Satrajit, who was the staunch devotee of Surya Bhagavan was nearing the palace of Krishna, and at that time, he was wearing the holy Syamantaka Jewel on his neck, and hence the Dwaraka people believed him to be that of Lord Surya Bhagavan, and they conveyed the message to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna who knows about everything, made a gentle smile, and even without seeing the face of Satrajit, due to his spiritual powers, he recognised that the guest who was about to arrive to his palace was Satrajit, and then, he also clarified about this to his attendant in a humble manner, and made him to realise his mistake.

Whenever any of his people commits mistakes, Lord Krishna would never punish them immediately. First he would deeply enquire into the matter, and even if he found that the man was guilty, he would give lot of chances for him to correct himself. But, even then, if he commits the same mistakes again and again, then only he used to punish him by giving him only a small punishment.

Lord Krishna was entirely different from other kings, who would severely punish their own people even for small mistakes. Lord is Lord only, and god in the form of Lord Krishna would always show great affection on us, and he is always thinking about our well-being only. Hence, let us glorify Lord Krishna on this auspicious day of Krishna Jayanti festival day (30 August 2021), and let us be blessed.


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