Krishna acts as the Body Parts for the Handicapped

Krishna no-watermark

Krishna no-watermark

Lord Krishna acts as the body parts for the handicapped people. Yes. Really it is true, and some of my handicapped friends have expressed about their miraculous recovery and about their wonderful experiences with Lord Krishna. Though Lord Krishna cannot entirely grant the body parts for those who are physically handicapped, but at least he would make his divine presence in front of them, would give abundant will-power, confidence, enthusiasm, happiness and many more in their life. The main purpose of writing more and more articles about Lord Krishna is to express his unconditional love towards us.

By reading the Bhagavat Gita fully, we could know how much courtesy the Lord shows on us. When the blind suffers from lack of eye light, Lord Krishna would act as a walking stick, and would help them to reach the correct destination in their life. Lord Krishna again acts as the wheel-chair for the lame, by granting them great confidence in their life. Lord Krishna acts as the god of happiness for those, who suffer from mental disorders. We could normally see the face of the mentally challenged people, who used to always smile, and this kind of cheerfulness appears on their face, since they are always blessed by Lord Krishna. If the great Ma Draupadi amman, who is considered to be an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi,faithfully worships our beloved Lord Krishna, then why can’t we?

Again Lord Krishna acts as the divine doctor for those who suffers from various kinds of dreaded diseases, and for his sincere devotees, he would dwell on the soul of their doctors, and through his divine touch, diseases would be miraculously removed from their body.

My sincere recommendation to those who suffer from their handicaps is to keep on reading the Holy Bhagavatham Book, without considering about their religion. All the religions preach good things only and I love all other religions, and give much respect to the great Lord Jesus Christ and to the great Prophet Mohammed, since they have faced lot of troubles on their lives for the sake of universal goodness.According to my opinion, there is one supreme power, and we used to call those powers as Allah, Jesus and Vinayaka, and there is no harm in worshipping the other religious gods also on our soul, and likewise, if other religious people are interested, they could also worship our near and dear god “KRISHNA BHAGAVAN, THE GREAT”.


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