Lord Krishna dwells in everything in the World

Krishna cowherd

Krishna cowherd

Lord Krishna dwells in all things in the world. ‘Sarvam Krishnarpanam’ means offering of all the precious things, delicious food items, our wealth and even offering of ourselves in the form of sacrifice to Lord Krishna. This mantra would also be recited at the end of most of the Hindu rituals, by transferring the outcomes of the rituals to Lord Krishna, and also the sacred names of Lord Krishna would be recited for a minimum of twelve times, and some of them would even recite the thousand names of Lord Krishna after the performance of the Yagna.

Mostly Vaishnavites would recite this holy mantra, as a part of their puja to Lord Krishna, and as an honour to their beloved god Krishna. In simple term, “SARVAM KRISHNARPANAM” means everything belongs to Lord Krishna, and everything goes to Lord Krishna. Nowadays most of the Hindus used to recite this mantra, before the start of any ritual yagna, or during the times of offering of food to the poor and the needy.

This mantra was recited since Vedic times, since Lord Krishna in his Bhagavad Gita, tells to Arjuna:

Whatever you consume, whatever you offer in the form of charity to others, whatever you give in the form of sacrifice, O Arjuna, offer the outcomes to me!

Hence as per the sayings of Lord Krishna,even those who worship the other deities would say ‘SriKrishnarpanamastu’, while doing their offerings.

Lord Krishna had incarnated in this earth during the previous Dwapara Yuga, for giving good guidance, and also to give his divine blessings to us. We can get good spiritual knowledge by studying the holy Bhagavat Gita and Bhagavatham. Lord Krishna had revealed his true form, and informed to us, that he is the supreme god Vishnu, and insisted us to worship him whole heartedly. Anyone who prays him sincerely would attain goodness in their lives, and finally they would reach the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna didn’t expect any wealth from us, he expect only a sincere and a selfless bhakti and nothing more else. Hence let us surrender ourselves at the holy feet of Lord Krishna and be blessed.


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