Kidambi Achan | Simhadipati of Srivaishnava Sampradayam

Kidambi Achan was a great Vaishnavite Saint, and he was born in the village “Kidambi” located near the famous Temple City Kanchipuram in the year 1057 A.D to an auspicious Hindu Couple. He is believed to be an aspect of the sacred thread of Lord Vishnu.

Kidambi Achan’s birth name was “PRANATHARTHIHARAM”, since he has shined brightly as one of the “PURE GEMS”, with regard to his staunch devotion on his Guru Ramanujacharya. He considered his Guru Sri Ramanujar as everything for him. He was one of the chief disciples of Swamy Ramanujar, who felt that doing service to the Guru is equivalent to doing service to the god.

Kidambi Achan was a simple, straight forward anda highly knowledgeable person, and he was well versed with Vaishnavite Holy Texts, and hence, he was awarded with the title “Sri Sri Vedantha Udhayana Acharyar” by Swamy Ramanujar. Swamy Ramanujar treated him very kindly and taught the essence of “SRI VISHNU BHAKTI”.

Once when Ramanuja wanted to show the divine vision of the Lord to Sri Kidamabi Achan, he politely refused, and told to his Guru, that staying along with his Guru itself, gives more spiritual pleasure, than that of having the divine vision of Lord Vishnu. Praised by his Guru Bhakti, Lord Vishnu himself had revealed his divine vision to Sri Kidambi Achan for several times during his life time.

Kidambi Achan has preached among the Vaishnavites, that “Swamy Ramanuja” onlyis the true protector of Vaishnavism”, and asked the devotees of Lord Vishnu, to worship his Guru Swamy Ramanuja on a daily basis, by considering him as the divine aspect of Lord Vishnu.Sri Kidambi Achan had visited most of the Divyadesams of Lord Vishnu during his life time.

Sri KidambiAchan was the key person to introduce the sweetness of Sri Srivaishnava Sampradayam amongst the devotees of the Lord. Lord Vishnu had once appeared in the form ofSri Hayagriva Perumal, and asked him to compose poems in praise of him. After his Guru Swamy Ramanujar has reached the divine abode of Lord Vishnu, the beautiful Vaikunta, Sri Kidambi Achan lived a pious life by following the footsteps of his Guru Sri Ramanuja, and due to his Guru’s blessings, he has attained salvation during the year 1157 AD.


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