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Katta Maisamma Bonalu (Bonalu Festival in Katta Maisamma Temple, Lower Tankbund)

Katta Maisamma Temple at Lower Tankbund in Hyderabad is one of the popular temple in twin cities of Secunderabad and Hyderabad of Telangana state. Bonalu is one of the biggest festivals celebrated at this temple.

In 2019, Katta Maisamma Bonalu is celebrated on July 21. According to the sources, at this temple bonalu festival is celebrated on the same day of Secunderabad Ujjaini Mahankali Temple Bonalu Utsavalu.

It is to note that Bonalu is a state festival of Telangana which is celebrated in Ashada Masam of Telugu calendar throughout the state. This year (2019), it is the sixth time that Telangana is celebrating the Bonalu festival after achieving the separate statehood.

As per the historical sources, the deity of ‘Katta Maisamma’ (one of the local forms of Goddess Shakti) is Swayambhu Devata (self-originated). This deity was founded by locales in 1835-1840 period.

In 1908, during Moosi River Floods, people worshipped ‘Goddess Ganga’ here at the same place. And by the grace of the Goddess, the floods were mitigated. Since then the people started worshipping the deity of Katta Maisamma. In local language of Telugu, ‘Katta’ means the ‘bank of river’ and ‘Maisamma’ is the local form of Shakti.

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