Kati Bihu 2018 in Assam

Kati Bihu is another Bihu festival celebrated in Assam. In 2018, Kati Bihu date is October 18.

Kati Bihu is an harvest festival celebrated in Kati month of Assamese calendar. It is the first day of Kati month.

This is the period of bringing the grown paddy to the homes by farmers. This is the reason why this festival is also known as ‘Kongali Bihu’. ‘Kongali’ means the poor. The festival of Kati Bihu is celebrated in the evening time by lighting lamps or candles at homes and at farming fields.

Tulsi Puja is also performed on this day. The Saaki is lit up in front of Tulsi plant in every home. Tulsi plant is cleaned, decorated, decked and kept on an earth platform called ‘Tulsi Bheti’. Tulsi puja is observed and the Prasad is distributed among family members, neighbors and relatives.

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