Baba Mohan Ram | Babaji | Kali Kholi Ke Sardar | Neele Ghode Wale

Baba Mohan Rama (1500-1530) also called as Babaji, Kali Kholi Ke Sardar, Maharaj ji, Krishna, Neele Ghode Wale, is a Hindu village god, and he is considered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. He contains good qualities, and he is considered as a divine personality by his devotees. His teachings tell about forgiveness, generosity,and bhakti […]

Karuppanna Swamy | Karuppu Sami

Karuppanna Swamy or Karuppu sami is one of the Hindu deities popular among the rural social groups of Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala. Karuppanna swami is also known as Navaladian and Pattamarathaian. He is regarded as an amsha of Ayyanar and hence he is considered to be the KAVAL DEIVAM (DemiGod)as per Tamil tradition. […]

Madurai Veeran | Guardian Deity of Madurai, South Tamil Nadu

Madurai Veeran is a Tamil folk deity popular in southern Tamil Nadu, India. His name was derived as a result of his relationship with the city of Madurai and he is the protector of Madurai. Madurai Veeran protected Madurai and Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and is still protecting Madurai and all of his devotees. Worship […]

Koragajja Swamy

Koragajja Swamy is a form of Lord Shiva, and he is worshipped as the main deity in Mangalore. Some sects of Mangalore people worship him as their Kula Deva. Koragajja is considered as one of the most sacred god in Mangalore, and he is considered as very powerful and he is worshipped as the Ishta […]

Maisamma | Maisamma Thalli

Maisamma is a Hindu folk goddess. She is mainly worshipped as the affectionate mother goddess, in the villages of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, some parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra. She cures diseases like measles, smallpox, chicken pox, and from deadly virus related diseases. Maisamma is also worshipped as Kula Devi by some village people belonged to […]

Veer Teja (Tejaji)

Sri Veer Teja also fondly called as Tejaji is a village deity of people in Rajasthan. He is considered as a DIVINE AMSHA of Lord Shiva, and he is mostly worshipped by the rural people, as their Kula Deva and their Ishta Deva. Veer Teja was born in the year 1256 AD in Khadnal, Rajasthan […]

Nookambika Devi | Nookalamma Thalli

Mata Nookambika is a famous village deity who is having her popular shrine in Anakapalle at Andhra Pradesh. The main deity of the temple is Mata Nookambika. Sri Appalaraju, a great Shakti devotee built the temple for Mata Nookambika approximately before 450+ years. During Ugadi, thousands of devotees throughout Andhra Pradesh would visit the temple […]

Masoba | Guardian Deity Form of Lord Shiva

Masoba is one of the village deities worshiped by the people of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Masoba is considered to be the God of Ghosts, Demons and Spirits and his temples are generally found near the burial grounds, and he is said to be an incarnation of Lord Ishana, a form of Lord Shiva.It […]

Rana Jashraj | Veer Dada Jashraj

Rana Jashraj (12th century AD), also called as Veer Dada Jashraj, was worshiped as kuladeva by the people belonging to Lohana caste. Jashraj was considered as a tribal king who ruled over a small region in Punjab. Vasant Panchami is celebrated as martyr day in honour of Veer Dada Jashraj, and Jashraj is believed to […]

Oladevi | Bibima | Goddess who cures Cholera, Pox, Measles

Oladevi is the mother goddess who relieves the diseases like cholera, poxes and measles of her devotees, and considered as the powerful goddess, and she is widely worshipped by the people of Bangladesh and West Bengal, and she is also worshipped as the Kula Devi and Kaval Devi (Guardian deity) by the people. The goddess […]


Khetlaji is a village deity of Rajasthan. The main Temple of Khetlaji is situated in the village Sonana in Pali district of Rajasthan. The temple festival is held every year during May-June in honour of the great Khetlaji. Khetlaji is considered as the divine AMSHA of Lord Kala Bhairava, and he is the protector of […]