Karauli Kaila Devi Temple – Mahatva (Significance)

Kaila Devi, a Hindi temple, is situated on the bank of Kalisil River in the Karauli district of Indian state Rajasthan. It is located in the hill of Trikut which is 2 km to the north west of Kaila village. The Goddess of prosperity and wealth, Maha Laxmi, here is known and worshipped as Kaila Devi. It is a very famous temple and a large number of devotees come here for worship especially during the Navratri.

The temple is constructed using marble and its floor is made checked, there is also a grand courtyard in which a number of devotees can stay together. In the shrine, there are two statues in sitting position with bowed head. Bigger one is of Kaila Devi and smaller one is of Chamunda Devi. There is a place wherein devotees plant Red flag for full filling their wishes and offered Bhog (sweet) as well as planting flags.

One of the main attractions of the temple is the Ratri Jagran (Night Vigil) which is done by Bhagat Ji who performs religious rituals. It starts in the night at 9 pm and devotees in great number attend this Jagran. Hindu month Chaitra which falls in March or April months is considered to be the most holiest time for worshipping Kaila Mata. Devotees of distant and nearby locality come here for special blessing of Ma Kaila Devi in this month.

A fair is held here at this temple in Chaitra Month of Hindu calendar. As the temple is very Famous and a number of devotees come for worshipping so the temple is connected with good roads in order that devotees may reach to temple at ease. At the time of fair, Private and Government Busses are also arranged.

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