Kandaya Phalam for all Nakshatras 2023-2024, Nakshatra Phalam

Kandaya Phalam is an aspect of astrology predictions for 27 nakshatrams in a Hindu year. Here are Kandaya Phalams of all the 27 nakshatra or birth stars for 2023-2024, Shobhakruth nama samvatsaram. There will be 3 digits for each nakshatra.

Three digits or numbers indicate the three periods (four months each) of a year.

If there is a ‘zero’ in your three digits then the results would be – if there is ‘0’ in first entity it indicates severe disease. Zero in second entity signifies psychological stress, and in third entity indicates bad result or less result in the year. The odd number gives wealth and even number denotes average results.

1st Digit = From Chaitra Masam (Meda Masam / Chithirai Masam) to Ashada Masam (Karkidaka Masam / Aadi Masam)

2nd Digit = From Shravana Masam (Chinga Masam / Aavani Masam) to Karthika Masam (Vrischika Masam / Karthigai Masam)

3rd Digit = From Margashira Masam (Dhanu Masam / Margazhi Masam) to Phalguna Masam (Meena Masam / Panguni Masam).

Here is the detailed chart or table of Kandaya Phala for all nakshatrams in 2023-2024

Nakshatram (Birth star) First Second Third
Ashwini 1 1 4
Bharani 4 2 1
Krittika, Kritthikai 7 0 3
Rohini 2 1 0
Mrugashira, Mrigasheersham 5 2 2
Ardra, Thiruvathirai 0 0 4
Punarvasu, Punarpoosam 3 1 1
Pushyami, Poosam 6 2 3
Aslesha, Ayilyam 1 0 0
Magha, Makham 4 1 2
Purva Phalguni, Pooram 7 2 4
Uttara Phalguni, Uthram 2 0 1
Hastha, Hastham 5 1 3
Chitra, Chithirai 0 2 0
Swathi 3 0 2
Vishakha, Visakham 6 1 4
Anuradha, Anusham 1 2 1
Jyeshta, Kettai 4 0 3
Moola, Moolam 7 1 0
Purvashada, Pooradam 2 2 2
Uttarashada, Uthradam 5 0 4
Sravana, Thiruonam 0 1 1
Dhanishta, Avittam 3 2 3
Shatabhisha, Chathayam 6 0 0
Purvabhadra, Poorattadi 1 1 2
Uttarabhadra, Uthrattadi 4 2 4
Revathi 7 0 1

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    my date of birth is 06-08-1971, nakshatra
    ;Uttarashadha , Makara Rashi
    How is my job future? whether is there any change of place of job during 2015-2016 or 2016-2017

  2. RamshaShageesh says:

    Respected kanippayyur Thirumeni
    l’m ramsha.pls provide about my future job details and about my life matters especially married life.
    my DOB 26-11-1987 , TOB 6.50 AM
    and star Thiruvonam
    my husband’s shageesh DOB 20-11-1978 , TOB 10 AM and star pooyam
    our son Aadidev DOB 4-12-2012 ,TOB 6.46 pm and star Aayilyam.
    Thirumeni also provide the job details of husband he is an HR of a company at Dubai.sometime he forgot the company matters.it makes problems at there.what must be do.And is there any chance for me to settle in dubai with my husband and about education of my son.can we give education at dubai to our son.is there any possibility .Thirumeni pls give detailed information and help us to take a decision.

  3. V S Sreejith says:

    Sir, My date of birth is 04-06-1980, thiruvonam star,my wife is 03-11-1987,revathy star, pls send my future

  4. Tharakesh says:

    How can you have a remainder of 3 when dividing a number by 3.

  5. arun s says:

    nakshathram avittam 03 august 1993

  6. arun s says:

    nakshathram avittam 03 august 1993. 2016 onna phalam

  7. Smitha Alex says:

    my daughter’s date of birth 23/12/1998 11.20 AM.Avitom.pl send Nakshatra Phalam.

  8. sheeja says:

    21/ 5/ 1975 nakshathram atham time 11/roam please send nakshathra phalam

  9. Rvsd Kishore says:

    Dob. 18_05_1981, place _ kakinada, time_ 10.15 am, nakshatram_ vishaka. Raashi _ tula

    Could you please tell me

    When will I change my job and future job details

    2 when Will I have children.

    3 is there in my horoscope that I will run business

    4 do I own house of my own

  10. Sheeba T says:

    My DOB is 17-02-1983 at 4:41am. Please send me the phalam for my career , family etc ..

  11. Raviprakash says:

    I am Raviprakash from Gandhidham, My DOB. is: 21/01/1965 time of my birth: 02.00 am.place of birth: Vengassery, Palakad Dist. Kerala. You are Kindly requested to predict my career& future.

  12. Raviprakash says:

    I am Raviprakash from Gandhidham, My DOB. is: 21/01/1965 Time: 02.00 am. Request to predict my future.

  13. Sankaran G says:

    I have troubling consitant job
    and our family

    I have mesha Rasi Kritika dob 7/01/1979 time 7.30pm

    kindlyadvice how to improve my life

    present my time is good or not

    Pls remedies…

  14. KRISHNAKUMAR says:

    My DOB 19 -5-1966 Time 4PM 13 minuets Thursday
    Nakshatram Bharani
    Kindly requsted to predict my career , Health and finance

  15. Jyothi says:

    My date of birth 14-11-1976.ayilyam nakshathram.my present family life occure problems. Please remedies.

  16. Radhakrishna. B says:

    My DOB is 21/10/1972

    After 2014 March my professional is very bad. Still I am unable to get good job every alternate 3and half month problem raise and leaving job
    Now shukra Dedham running till 2020 even through I am facing lot of problems
    What should I do kindly advoice

  17. Gangadharan,N says:

    How can the remainder be 3?

  18. Nrusingha Acharya says:

    My Dear Writer ,
    For your kind information:
    if you divide any no by 3 , the remainder never be 3,
    it will always be either 0 or 1 or 2

  19. SS says:

    Ridiculous. Divide the total by 3! then how will we get remainder 3 and a result of not good results? 🤔

  20. Ravisri says:

    if you divide with 3, how do you get remainder 3