Rohini Nakshatra 2022-2023 Predictions | Rohini Nakshatra Phalam

Rohini Nakshatra 2022-2023 Predictions, How will be 2022-2023 for Rohini Nakshatra natives? Rohini Nakshatra Phalam 2022-2023 is given here..

Rohini Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of Chandra. It is ruled by Chandra Graham (Moon). Snake is the animal for this Nakshatra.

Rohini Nakshatra is referred to as Rohini Natchatram in Tamil; Rohini Natchatram in Malayalam; Rohini Nakshatra in all other Indian languages – Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, etc.

People who are born in this Nakshatra will have great courage mentally, and will have interest in sports.

This year you will be irritated by some difficulties in your profession from your boss. Results will be mixed this year. You will taste both success and failure. Unemployed will get receive offers. Students will have good success. Support from your mother will boost you towards success.

Patience is the key throughout the year and it will be tested in many situations. Family economy will be affected and the more you remain patient the more improvement in the situation will come.

This year Love marriages will not be welcomed and best advice is to go for arranged marriages. People in sports field will have good success.

Court decisions will come out in your favour. It will be better if you chant Rudram (Namakam and Chamakam) everyday.

Rohini Nakshatra Monthly Predictions January 2022

Financially, its a sound month. Your mind power and wisdom may take you a better way. You will wear white and neat clothes. Your fairness and charm enthralls many people around you. Your confidence in handling different issues will amaze them.

You will meet new people. Relations with women will improve. New experiences and physical relationships with women are on cards. Constant growth in career and business.


To better your position and performance this month, visit Sri Lakshmi Temple and worship the Goddess. Chant Lakshmi stotrams.

Rohini Nakshatra Monthly Predictions February 2022

You will meet friends, relatives other well-wishers and have worthy discussions with them. Your social status among intellectuals will better. Friendship and association with highly influential business people in your circle will improve your business opportunities. Business will grow.

Its a time for thoughts about future. You will invest your time on finalizing strategies for coming months and coming years. Your efforts won’t go waste. There is a possibility of wealth coming in your way.


1. Worship Lord Vishnu and offer special pujas. 2. To make this month even better, perform special pujas at Vishnu Temples (Sri Rama Temple / Sri Krishna Temple / Narasimha Swamy Temple or any other Vaishnavite Temples).

Rohini Nakshatra Monthly Predictions March 2022

Fear of animals like dog, cat and elephant. Sadness and depression will rule this month. You may hear a bad news. Fear of thieves will make you afraid of silly things. You may want to get into illegal business and bad habits may occupy your brain. It can degrade your thinking ability and manners.

Unnecessary arguments with people can drop your energy levels. Precautionary steps are needed to overcome health issues such as heart attack, abortion, stomach pain, digestive problems, etc,.


1. Visit Shiva Temples and offer special pujas. Rudrabhishekam is an ultimate puja to overcome any adverse effects. 2. Shani Thailabhishekam on Saturday is another remedy to get rid of negative thinking.

Rohini Nakshatra Monthly Predictions April 2022

You will enjoy family life this month. You will also enjoy good food and good relations with women in this month. Throughout the month, its happiness which occupies your heart and mind.

In society, your honor and social status will improve. You will visit your elders and have blessings of them. Business will increase. Your hardwork pays off. You will better your interest on fine-arts and art forms like dance, singing and other cultural arts.


1. Worship Goddess Durga. Visit Durga / Devi temples and offer pujas. 2. Subramanya Aradhana will also help in getting rid of any adverse effects.

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  1. Presannakumari says:

    my birthdate is 22/10/1967.I wish to know my future.Will l get a good job.When can I build a house. I struggle for money. When will I get money.

    • M G Nair says:

      we born on same date. ie 22/10/1967. I am curious to know both our past and present having any similarity or otherwise. Just for comparison of events in our life. If you do not mind, kindly reply me with your email id or contact number.

  2. Suresh says:

    Very valuable also my birthdate 18 November 1967 I wish to know my future & when my daughter marriage plz gave good reply

  3. rajeswari.p says:

    My birth date is on 30/04/1968 My nakshatra is Rohini When will I build my own house ? Will this happen in my life. I am depressed please can you predict my future

  4. bijal says:

    My name is bijal bhavesh Shah .
    Date of birth 1/12/1982
    In mumbai robins nakshatra
    I want to know that for business which place will be good for me india or Kenya.

  5. m.saravana kumar says:

    I’m saravana Kumar. D.o.b 24.08.1989
    My rohini I am very disappointed and painful in my life nowadays
    Plz guid and solution too me..

  6. E.edwin vinoth raj says:

    Hy sir..
    This s for my friend whose name is
    E.Edwin Vinoth Raj, HIS DOB s 25.08.1989 with taurus zodiac sign and rohini as a star .. I just want to know about HIS career an business field (partnership).. and about his vehicle purchase.. which will be good for him to come in success in his life.. kindly help me sir…

  7. K.Rani says:

    My son B.Vijay Aravind was born on 25th august, 1997 at 20.35 in krishnagiri ,Tamil nadu, India.please give his horoscope for him 2017 ,especially during January month 2017.please reply me sir.

    • Prince says:


      Dear Sir/Madam,

      i was born in 09th-05-1959 , at 04;30 (PM) in Rourkela, Orissa India,
      (Long–>084 deg,53 E) and Latitude–>( 022deg,13 North)

      i don’t have a job for the last 3 years, going through burning hell and very painful days.

      Kindly help


  8. K.Rani says:

    Sir my son B.Vijay Aravind whose rasi is rishabam,rohini nakshatra and meena lagnam. Does he is supposed to met an accident on 20th january 2017 please give details regarding him Sir.Immediately I need the answer sir.

  9. MANISH says:


  10. Rajeshwar says:

    Sir am Rajeshwar. I my rasi rushaba rasi. Rhohini nakshatram. My janma namam is on kar. I known wen should I will get married


    I am born on 17th janauary 1981 in ROHINI at 07.05 AM in peddapuram in eastgodavary in andhrapradesh . He lost job in USA . His green card is in process .please tell how his future. will he get a new job before the end of 2017 and will he get green card

  12. Vineetha says:

    Sir I am vineetha born 5-11-1971 rohini nakshathram,7.46 am at kannur Kerala.I have adhi yoga on my horoscope?give my career report

  13. smruthi says:

    abt mu future?

  14. smruthi says:


  15. Vinay shetty says:

    My b’day date is 20.02.1994
    What is my future I get money but I can’t
    Save that whats d solution for that…..

  16. RKJ RKJ says:

    Complete waste ..almost a year has passed by but not.a single prediction has turned out to right ..infact many things are.repetitive and most.of them has turned out to be absolute rubbish …

  17. vijaya says:

    my date of birth 16/7/1993 marrige ee year autunda

  18. Suba says:

    My bday 29.05.1995 tell me my sign and nakshatram.I want my present nd future status.

  19. Vally Ananthakumar says:

    My birth dated 09.05.1978.. I problem not increment but I office working not promotion


    I was born on 03/04/1968 at 20.30 hrs. I would like to know about my future and carrer. Please send the answer

  21. Nisha says:

    Mine is vrishaba rashi rohini nakshatra i am in 10 std cbse i am very feard of my exams will i get good marks and will my parents be happy I born on 6th june 2005 at 11:45pm

  22. Subha K says:

    My birthday is on 20/08/1984
    Night 10.45
    What is my carrier future
    If I go to a foreign country is it good for me

  23. Bency says:

    Born on sept 20 1989..want to know about my relationship and career…am married…my birth timr is between evng 5 and 6 pm

  24. Swapnali says:

    My birthdate is 17th September, 1984. I want to know if I will have a baby this year – 2022.

  25. anuraag krishna says:

    hi my name is anuraag krishna dob 10/07/1988. rohini nakshtra 3 pada .Parents are looking for alliances do I get marriage this year?