Bharani Nakshatra 2020-2021 Predictions | How will be 2020-21 for Bharani Nakshatra natives

Bharani Nakshatra 2020-2021 Predictions, How will be 2020-2021 for Bharani Nakshatra natives, Bharani Nakshatra Phalam 2020-2021..

Bharani Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of Shukra graham. It is ruled by Lord Yama. Elephant is the animal for this Nakshatra.

Bharani Nakshatra is referred to as Bharani Nakshatra in almost all Indian languages – Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam & Bengali.

People who are born in Bharani Nakshatra will be very beautiful in looking. They will be very neat and take care of hospitality. All the decisions taken on you by others will be moulded into your favour by you.

Others should be very careful with these people as they tend to keep others in trouble. High desire towards money may make you fall into trouble.

This year Bharani Nakshatra natives will buy some luxurious home decorations. They will have high attraction towards women, but will not show it. They will be attracted more towards costly Perfumes and waste money in buying them.

From your wife, you will receive some good luck and you take it towards your children. Planning a love marriage keeps you in critical position, Be careful it will defame you!

Praying Goddess Maha Lakshmi will give you good results. Planning for comfortable life will enforce you to go for savings instead of luxury.

Interests in the area of Music and fine arts will regain your fame in the society. Politicians and Government Employees will have tough time ahead.

Doing some holy activities like Rudra Abhishekam will result in good results.

Bharani Nakshatra Monthly Predictions December 2019

Anger and depression will rule this month. You want to make everything in a hurry. That will give very bad result. Take care and be distant from bad habits. Fear of thieves may ruin your traveling experiences.

Be cautious about heart diseases, Tuberculosis and Asthma. If you have suffered from these diseases in the past, its time for you to take extra care. Loss of wealth is on cards. Take precautionary steps for business expansion and career establishment.


1. Visit Navagraha Temple and offer special puja to Rahu. Chant Rahu Stuti. 2. Visit Durga Temple and offer special puja to Devi. 3. Rahukaala Durga Puja on Tuesday will give you expected results.

Bharani Nakshatra Monthly Predictions January 2020

Relation with friends, relatives and well-wishers may go wrong. Its time to cut relation with a bad friend. Your mind behaves like a monkey this month. You will lack stability in thoughts.

Unnecessary arguments with near and dear. Anger spoils the positive energy. You will do some generous deeds. ‘Daiva Bhakti’ (Devotion to God) will increase. Career and business will get bettered steadily. Some additional authorities will be given to you by your higher officials. Loss of wealth. Fear of snakes and other reptiles.


1. Visit any Navagraha Temple and perform Ketu Puja. Chant Ketu stuti. 2. Maha Rudrabhishekam or Shivalinga Abhishekam will be an ultimate remedy to overcome the adverse effects.

Bharani Nakshatra Monthly Predictions February 2020

You will meet friends, relatives other well-wishers and have worthy discussions with them. Your social status among intellectuals will better. Friendship and association with highly influential business people in your circle will improve your business opportunities. Business will grow.

Its a time for thoughts about future. You will invest your time on finalizing strategies for coming months and coming years. Your efforts won’t go waste. There is a possibility of wealth coming in your way.


1. Worship Lord Vishnu and offer special pujas. 2. To make this month even better, perform special pujas at Vishnu Temples (Sri Rama Temple / Sri Krishna Temple / Narasimha Swamy Temple or any other Vaishnavite Temples).

Bharani Nakshatra Monthly Predictions March 2020

Fear of animals like dog, cat and elephant. Sadness and depression will rule this month. You may hear a bad news. Fear of thieves will make you afraid of silly things. You may want to get into illegal business and bad habits may occupy your brain. It can degrade your thinking ability and manners.

Unnecessary arguments with people can drop your energy levels. Precautionary steps are needed to overcome health issues such as heart attack, abortion, stomach pain, digestive problems, etc,.


1. Visit Shiva Temples and offer special pujas. Rudrabhishekam is an ultimate puja to overcome any adverse effects. 2. Shani Thailabhishekam on Saturday is another remedy to get rid of negative thinking.

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