Kandar Anuboothy | Collection of Murugan Songs by Arunagirinathar

Kandar Anubhuthi is the collection of wonderful songs sung by the great Tamil Saint Sri Arunagirinathar. These bhakti songs were sung during 15th century AD, and these songs were written in praise of Lord Muruga, and also in these songs, Arunagirinathar had requested Lord Muruga, to give enough strength to the people, in order to overcome from worldly illusions and from physical pleasures.

Kanthar Anubhuthi is considered as a holy treasure by the then kings and by the Tamil scholars,and even now, it is popularly sung in the temples of Lord Muruga. Saint Arunagirinathar is considered as a good natured and a holy person.

After Arunagirinathar got the blessings of Lord Muruga in Thiruvannamalai, he started singing Kandar Anubhuthi in praise of Lord Muruga, and in the Viralimalai temple, Lord Muruga taught various spiritual aspects to him.

As per the request of Arunagirinathar, Lord Muruga appeared in front of the public at Thiruvannamalai, but no one could see him, and due to his brightness, everyone had lost their vision, and as per the request of the king, Arunagirinathar went to heaven and he brought the Parijatha flower, and with that, he had brought back the vision of everyone.

Kandar Anubhuthi is recited in most of the Murugan temples as a daily practice. It is believed that those who suffer from throat problems are advised to recite the holy songs contained in the Kandar Anubhuthi, in order to get relieved from their problems.

In ancient periods, there are lot of saints and poets who dedicated their attention on worshipping the god, and among those, Arunagirinathar is considered as a pious saint, who had got the darshan of Lord Muruga for several times during his life time. While Muruga had shown his divine vision to Pambal Swamigal, Saint Arunagirinathar was also present along with Lord Muruga, and he is considered as one of the best devotees of Lord Muruga.


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