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lord muruga

lord muruga

Skanda Sashti, Kanda Shashti, is a six-day festival celebrated in the Tamil month of Aippasi masam. In 2022, Skanda Sashti starts on October 26 and ends on October 30. Soorasamharam & Thirukalyanam are on October 30 and October 31 respectively.

Skanda Sashti is celebrated throughout Tamilnadu, Kerala and some places of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and in other countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

Skanda Sashti 2022 schedule

26 October 2022 – Skanda Shashti Fasting begins (Skanda Shashti Fasting Day 1)

27 October 2022 – Skanda Shashti Fasting Day 2

28 October 2022 – Skanda Shashti Fasting Day 3

29 October 2022 – Skanda Shashti Fasting Day 4

30 October 2022 – Soora Samharam Skanda Shashti  – Skanda Shashti Fasting Day 5

31 October 2022 – Thirukalyanam

During Skanda Shashti, some devotees observed fasting for all six days but some other people keep fasting only on Soora Samharam day.

Skanda Shashti Puaj is generally observed for six days starting from the sixth day in the bright half of the Aippasi month according to Tamil calendar. Aippasi month usually falls during October – November.

Skanda Shashti is dedicated to Lord Skanda, the younger son of Lord Shiva. Lord Skanda is also called as Lord Subramanya or Murugan or Sanat Kumara or Kumara Swamy or Shanmukha or Karthikeya. He is one of the purposeful divine incarnations.

Skanda Shashti falls during Kartik Month as per all other calendars other than Tamil and Malayali calendars.

Skanda Sashti 2022 in Other Countries

Skanda Sashti in USA – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in Canada – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in Singapore – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in Malaysia – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in UAE & Middle East – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in UK & European countries – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in Australia – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti in New Zealand – 30 October 2022

Skanda Sashti Celebrations in Temples dedicated to Lord Murugan

Skanda Sashti is celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm in the temples dedicated to Lord Murugan throughout Tamil Nadu and Kerala. In Tamil Nadu, the most popular temples of Murugan are – Tirupparankundram, Tiruchendur, Palani, Swami Malai, Tiruttani and Palamuthirsolai.

In Karnataka, Kukke Subramanya Swamy temple is the famous Murugan temple.

In Hyderabad, Skandagiri Subramanya swamy temple is the famous temple dedicated to Lord Murugan in Telangana. Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple is one of the famous temples in Andhra Pradesh.

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  1. G.Purushotham Raju says:


    This is purushotham raju from tiruttani. Sir, hope your web information is wrong, Because in our temple skanda sasthi pooja started yesterday i.e. 06-11-2010. And will be ending on 12-11-2010. So please let us us know whether to follow you, or our temple . Hence forth please give us correct information.

  2. krishna says:

    Hi Sir

    I am krishna from Malaysia, i would like to know why this year kanda sashti start same day with diwali. in panchangam kanda sashti on 27/10.

    any one you can explian this.

  3. lalique new art galleries: alicante in spain, and three in france . says:

    we went to some astrologer 2 days back he suggested bhagya dosh pooja which is to be done for 21days in haridwar.

  4. usha raghunath says:

    I would like to obserev the kanda shashti vrutham in november. moreover i want to obserev shasti vrutham throught my life. please hlep can i know which dates to observe shasti each month..