Kalyanji Temple, Diggi, Rajasthan (5600 Year Old Temple)

Kalyanji Temple, Diggi, Rajasthan is the 5600 year old temple and most probably the oldest Hindu Temple in the world. This Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Vaishnavite Temple).

Why Kalyanji Temple established at Diggi?

King Digva was afflicted with leprosy as he was under the curse of an Apsara (a celestial nymph) of the court of Indra. The king of Swarga. The Apsara had to spend 12 years on Earth. The King offended her and incurred her wrath as a result of which he became a leper. After the king’s penance, the Lord was pleased and a voice was heard from heaven that his image in stone would be found at the seashore. When the image was installed the king would be free from leprosy. Following this king Digva discovered the Lord’s image in stone and installed here.

Significance of the deity of Kalyan Ji

Shri Kalyan Ji is Lord Vishnu himself. In the Hindu triad of gods, Vishnu sustains and preserves the creation of Brahma until Shankar finally destroys it. In this temple Vishnu himself is enshrined in the form of Kalyan Ji. The idol is in White marble. It bears four arms. The beauty of the idol is attractive and charming.Kalyan means benevolence and redemption from miserly . The deity here belrses the visitors and belivers with happiness and welfare and lestows on them all prosprity and worldly riches.He frees the devotees from miseries.

Architecture of the Temple

This is a very old temple, the antiquity of which is fabulous. The pinnacle of the temple (Shikhar) is magnificent. There are sixteen pillars supporting the Shikhar which has become extremely attractive because of the statuettes incurved thereon. The Sanctum Sanctorum, circumbulatory path, Jagmohan there in are a fine example of elegant architecture in marble. Adjacent is the temple Laxmi Narayan Ji. On the front gateway beautiful figures and statuettes have been incurved.

Religious Significance of the Temple

As per Vaishnava tradition, Kalyan Ji is identical with Lord Vishnu. People have a strong faith in deity here. They believe that disease like leprosy and blindness and problem of infertility may be solved here if the devotees pray in earnestness to the Lord. In this Age of Kali when all sorts of miseries and afflictions torment the human beings the Lord by his grace can redeem us.

Festivals at Kalyanji Temple, Diggi

Many fair festivals are organized in the temple here. Amongst the important festivals are Vaishakhi Poornima, Hariyali Amawas, Kartika Poornima, Patotsava, Jal Jhoolani Ekadashi, Annakuta etc. In the months of Shravan and Bhadrapada, people from far and near come to the temple walking on foot. Journeys are organized in flocks and people come singing and dancing, shouting victory to the Lord Kalyan Ji (Jai Kalyan Dhani). Lacs of people flock to the temple.

Customs and Traditions of the Temple

The temple is managed by a registered Trust. Priesthood is a right of the family which has been traditionally worshipping the Lord as priest. By turn, members of the same family take to priesthood. Everyday Aarati is performed seven time. Mangala (in the morning); Shringar; Raj Bhoga; Utthapan; Sandhya Bhoga and Shayan. Presadam is distributed to the devotees.

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