Kalika Mata Temple Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan

Kalika Mata is one of the famous temples of Rajathan located within the Chittorgargh fort and also one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. It is an ancient temple which is visited by thousands of devotees every day. Kalika Mata temple, as name intimates, is dedicated to Ma Kali also known as Bhadra Kali who is believed to be the clan Goddes of Pawar clan.

Those places where body parts of Ma Sati were fallen are known as Shaktipeethas. The place where Kalika Mata temple is situated is also one of these places and it is believed so, that ‘Toe’ of Ma Sati had been fallen. The temple is not only the centre of pilgrimages but it is also a valuable historical site as well as tourist destination, rapidly growing.

Bappa Rawal in 18th century first constructed here the temple of God Surya (Sun) and Surya Kund in front of the Fatta temple near Kalika temple. Allauddin Khilji attacked on Chittorgarh fort for Rani Padmini and broke the temple and statues there. Later on, Maharana Hamir installed the statue of Maa Kali in 14th century. This incident may be one of the reasons that temple has images of the Sun on the walls, gates, and shrine.

The temle’s main attraction is its splendid sculptures. Each day, the main temple is decorated. Inner walls of the temple have been painted several images of Gods and Goddess. Navratri is celebrated in full gusto. The whole temple is decorated with colorful lighting and special worship is done at this time.

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