Kalahasti Temple Contact details – Phone Numbers, Address

Kalahasti Temple Contact Phone numbers, Srikalahasti Temple postal address, etc,. are given here.

Srikalahasti Temple, famous for its Rahu Ketu Dosha Nivarana Poojas, is located in near Tirumala Tirupati, Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

Srikalahasti Temple Address

Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy vari Devastanam
Chittoor District. Andhra Pradhesh
PIN: 517644

Kalahasti Temple Telephone numbers – 08578-222240

Kalahasti Temple Executive Officer Info – Phone: 08578-222240

Srikalahasteeswara Swamy Temple is reputed as the Rahu – kethu Kshetra, If the People who have Rahu Kethu Doshas and sarpa Doshas the unmarried and No Children and those who are facing various problems for a long period perform the most effective “Rahu – Kethu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja” in this Temple all the Doshas get removed and desired results occur. Thousands of devotees from the country and abroad perform this puja and fulfil their vows again and again after receiving good results.

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  1. Ramesh Kumar says:

    I need 2 ac rooms in sri Kalahasti temple devasthanam on 31.07.2015 by 2.00pm

  2. Anita says:

    I need single room for two days from 26 of Mov 2015,
    How to book the room

  3. B.MURALI says:

    I need single A/c room in Kalahasti temple dt.07.12.15-5.00pm



  5. k.chandra sekhar says:

    Need one room for today 06-12-2105 night arraiving by krishna express for one day

  6. sudharani says:

    I need one room i.e. on 18.12.2015 at 4.00PM

  7. c v ramana reddy says:

    i want single room for darshan

  8. c v ramana reddy says:

    i want single room for darshan on 21/12/2015

  9. Naveen Kumar Chandupatla says:

    I want single room on 24/01/2016.

  10. SURENDRAN says:



  11. Col(Retd) Dr R Jagadish Prasad says:

    Request Double Room on 27Jan for a night stay,next day do Puja &Leave for Bangalore

  12. Jagan C R says:

    Non of the telephone no’s given in the web sight is working. No response for any mails given. Pls try to keep updated.

  13. How can I book rooms in the temple lodges.

  14. G.prasad rao says:

    I want one suit.how to book online.

  15. Saranraj says:

    Dear sir,

    We need an AC room @22 July 2016 how I can book it in online please help here to book it

  16. KUMARS says:


  17. goutham says:

    I want one suit room.how can I book online.

  18. ILANGOVAN says:


    i want one room on 7th Sep. , I am coming with my wife and daughter to stay on 7th sep for remove Doshas.

    Please help me to book one room for me in the rate of Rs.500/-

  19. Jayakumar.R says:

    Dear sir
    I want double bed room to stay with family on 10th October 2016 evening please help to booking

  20. vijayendra varma cvv says:

    Good morning sir i want one room on 4th November 2016, I am coming with my family to stay on 4 ,5th November, 2016. Please book one room the rate of Rs 500/-

  21. Shirisha says:

    How can i book rooms in srikalahasti devastanam online, help me booking online accomdation

  22. r.srinivasulu says:

    dear sir, i want one none ac room on 27/10/2016 . i am coming with my wife and my two years daughter to stay oneday for remove doshas. please help me to book one none ac room .rjsvas@gmail.com

  23. G. Parasuraman says:

    I want to book accommodation in Sri Kalahasti temple dewaswam room nearby to temple next week. Grateful please guide me to book the room.

    Thanks and regards,

  24. Ravi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am coming to Kalahasti with my parents on 27th Nov 2016 to remove doshas. Please help me to book one AC room near temple.

    Email id – ravim666@gmail.com

  25. Bhavya says:

    Respond ph calls properly

  26. JAI KISHAN says:

    rahu ketu pooja perform empty stomach or not plz email

    • If your Rahu Ketu puja is in the morning then its easy to perform the puja empty stomach. If the puja is in the evening, have light breakfast in the morning and have bath in the evening before puja and perform puja.

  27. Santhosh says:

    Hi sir, V r planning to visit srikalahastri this weekend. V r around 50 people, pls guide us which is the best way for accommodation.

    Thank you,

  28. Pavani says:

    I want book accimadation in srikahasti devastanam near by to temple next week.please guide to book the room


  29. santhosh pittala says:

    Gud evng sir
    we are coming srikalahasti on 17th .so how can book the devastanam rooms ,
    please guide me
    my contact no : 8008877466

  30. swathi says:

    kindly inimate mobile number of any priest for information about pooja dates. please.

  31. Hemanth says:

    21-02-2017 in these date what are the good time for rahukeathu puja

  32. G .kalyani says:

    i want one non AC Room sir my phoneno 9441664766. 9010476181.

  33. N. Murugan says:

    Dear sir
    I am Murugan from Tuticorin, Tamilnadu. I want to book two double bed room on 27.04.2017 evening. How can I book rooms.
    Please guide me.


    Respected sir I want non ac room near by temple 10/3/2017 after noon I am coming with my wife & my brother in law to stay one day for remove dosham please help me sir one non ac room
    Thanks and regards

  35. Aparna says:

    I want to do rahu ketu Pooja in srikalaahassti temple. May I know at what time tickets will be given and at what time Pooja will start.I need to get one single non AC room to stay. How can I book the tickets and what might be the cost of it

  36. Aparna says:

    I want to do rahu ketu Pooja in srikalaahassti temple. May I know at what time tickets will be given and at what time Pooja will start.I need to get one single non AC room to stay. How can I book the tickets and what might be the cost of it.please provide the contact numbers for booking the room.Is there online facility to book the tickets for rahu ketu Pooja if yes how.

  37. S.B.PILLAI says:

    Good morning sir, I want one double room to stay with family 3 members, from 11/3/2017 to 13/03/2017, how can i book online in kalahasti devasam rooms, pls help me to book one room with lowest rate and guide me to book the room.

    • Summit kumar jain says:

      Hello please give carect contact number I am coming before coming temple open sharp pooja also start please give reply I am book ticket after🙏

  38. S.B.PILLAI says:

    I want to book one double room for 3 member in kalahasti temple dewaswam room nearby temple on 11/03/2017 to 13/03/2017, how can i book online, pls help to book online.

  39. Noushin says:

    We will marriage tomorrow
    But this is love marriage
    In this temple will do are not
    Please can you provide information

  40. Arokyaraj says:

    1 rahu kala sarpa dosha nivaranm sri.Arokyaraj this person
    2 on other person sri.irudi nathan marriage problam
    Contact no 7760796599 karnatka

  41. Mutthy says:

    Hi I have a sarpa dosham remove this dosham haw much payment and haw money days before booking

  42. Manasa says:

    How can I book single room in devastanams accommodation
    Can I book online r not
    Please provide the details

  43. s s venumadhav says:

    sir,ails from hindu
    my name is wrongly updates for srikalahasthi room bookings.

    please remove my details from hindupad,


    s s venu madhav

  44. C.Y.Suresh says:

    Sir my son has Kala Saroja Dosha we have to perform this pooja what is the procejer please inform us

  45. Chaithra says:

    Hi sir,

    Can we perform sarpa dosha pooja during Sunday timings?

    Chaithra K

  46. Vinod D.Budukh says:

    How to book online seva?
    I want to perform dosh nivaran pooja on 18/5/2017

  47. Ajni says:

    Hi sir.im from malaysia.we all family want come to india by other week 15 friday.i wan do kala sarpa dhosam pooja so which date should i come and its must do a booking or wat??

  48. Natarajan R says:

    I want to book a double room (3 members) at near by temple from 11/06/2017 2PM to 12/06/2017 6PM. Please help me to book online for a double room .

  49. Ramya shree says:

    Good evening
    Tomorrow whether there is rahu kethu pooja at rahu kalam?
    Can we first visit thirupathi and from there can we come kalahasti and perform rahu kethupooja?

  50. R.MOHAN says:

    Dear Sir

    My name is Mohan from Singapore we wanted to perform Rudrabishekam on 27th July 2017 (morning first slot) on uthiram star for my son.

    Raagu and kethu peyarchi is on 26th or 27th July 2017 at Kalahasti Temple. Please confirm we can perform redurabishekam on that date

    I tried to call phone is ringing. kindly reply at mohanvraman395@gmail.com or ajaymay90@gmail.com

    Thanks & regards

    R.Mohan/ Usha Mohan
    Tel: (65) 96330364 / (65) 98164793